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Online Live Table Blackjack: What NOT To Do

Posted on October 1, 2020 | 11:08 am

Live Table blackjack is now an international phenomenon. The main reason? It’s tremendously fun! The pleasures of Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau are now available without leaving the comfort of one’s own home or office.

The second reason, of course, is just as compelling: blackjack offers gamblers some of the best odds available. The house edge is often as low as .5%!

Armed with the right information, any player can stand a chance of making serious contributions to their bankroll. Before jumping into the deep end, however, it’s highly recommended that would-be winners take note of some potentially expensive missteps.

It’s crucial to know what not to do!

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Don’t play at just any casino

5-blackjack-mistakes-image1In many ways, this is the most important thing to remember: not all casinos are created equal!

First of all, before playing at an online casino, it’s essential to be sure that everything is above board. Players should make certain that a game provider is licensed in their own country or region… nothing ruins a big win quite like legal problems!

A bit of homework is also recommended when it comes to banking details, particularly when cashing out. Most casinos are happy to accept deposits, and players will rarely have problems on that side of things…

…but when it’s time to walk away with winnings in hand, players will want to be 100% certain that they won’t encounter any irregularities.

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Don’t skip the bonuses

The ubiquity of loyalty programs, deposit bonuses, and player cards is without a doubt one of the best advantages available to modern players.

While it certainly makes sense if players want to get right into the action, taking the extra time to secure every possible bonus can make all the difference to your bankroll. Neglecting to do so is like leaving chips on the table!

When in doubt, use our excellent casino guide to find a casino that will offer you the best bonuses available.

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Don’t play at just any table

dont-make-any-decitions-on-a-whim-image2The short version? Be sure to play at a table that pays 3:2.

The longer version? There are two kinds of Blackjack tables available to today’s players – 3:2 blackjack and 6:5 blackjack. In the former, a winning bettor wins $3 for ever $2 wagered (1.5:1 odds). In the latter, winning bettors are paid $6 for every $5 wagered (1.2:1 odds).

When expressed in this way, the difference might seem small indeed…

… but don’t be fooled! A small difference, over time, becomes a serious consideration. Generally speaking, a 6:5 table offers the house 400% better odds compared to 3:2.

It’s the difference between paying the house an average of $0.50 out of every $100 wagered, and donating $2 out of every hundred. That’s no small thing!

As noted above, blackjack offers one of the smallest house edges of any casino table game. However, that’s only the case when players take advantage of every opportunity available to them.

Which brings us to the next big consideration…

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Don’t make any game decisions on a whim

If a gambler wants to give themselves the best chances possible, it’s essential to have a good command of basic blackjack tactics.

Without this knowledge, strategic mistakes are inevitable – and every time a new player doesn’t split 8’s, every time he or she hits on 17 (regardless of what the dealer is showing) – the house edge shoots right up.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing illegal or immoral about keeping a betting guide or “cheat sheet” at your fingertips while playing!

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Don’t play the side bets

dont-believe-the-hype-image3As stated above, Blackjack offers players some of the best odds in any casino.

But this is only true if players stay disciplined! Gaming mistakes, even small ones, make a big difference over the long haul.

This doesn’t just apply to splitting 8’s. Casinos know that blackjack offers them ra elatively low house edge, so they look to improve it. How?

By offering side bets galore.

Perfect Pairs? Straight-flushes? Insurance bets?

Stay away. All of these offer much, much worse odds than playing strong, disciplined blackjack.

Which is not to say that playing side bets is wrong! Gamblers who are just playing for fun should by all means partake, if it enhances enjoyment.

But for those looking to play for profit, side bets are to be avoided like the plague.

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Don’t try to count cards

Stories about card counting have entered the public imagination, and with good reason! There have been some amazing wins made by card counting teams, and books and movies have spread those stories worldwide.

Why shouldn’t players try counting cards themselves?

Because casinos have responded to protect their edge.

Counting cards was one thing back in the day, but modern casinos can play serious defense. They may include continuous shuffle machines (CSMs); they may forbid players entering mid-shoe; preferential shuffling may be employed at random, or when bets increase; even upping the shoe from 6-deck to 8-deck.

Card counting is not completely useless, not by any measure!

But the reputation of card counting as a “sure thing” far outstrips its usefulness, and is largely grounded in the past.

All but the most experienced blackjack players should focus on the fundamentals, and avoid any ‘get rich quick’ approach.

Speaking of which…

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Don’t believe the hype

The social aspect of gambling is one of its great draws: the shared exultations and disappointments, the swapped stories, the crazy hands.

In the live dealer era, the social part of the game has largely moved online. There are thousands upon thousands of feeds, blogs, and articles claiming to reveal some secret

But the real secret is that there is no secret.

If an online source is promising to help players get rich quick, or beat the house every time, or anything else that sounds too good to be true…

…it probably is.

Live Dealer myths are everywhere these days. Find reputable sources, trust them, and discard the rest.

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