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Celebrity Gamblers: Dana White

All kinds of personalities are drawn to casino gambling. This diversity is part of what makes the gaming experience so exciting! You never know who will sit down at the seat next to you. This is true of celebrities who love to bet as well. For every Ben Affleck, zaddy type who cleans up at the tables time after time, there’s a beautiful mess like Paris Hilton getting tossed from casino floors for drug possession! But in the wide, wide world of ga ...

On the Gambling Scene: Robert Kraft

In the world of online casino gaming, there are some names everyone knows… … and some who prefer to remain behind the scenes. For every celebrity gamblerwhose antics are followed by millions, there is tastemaker waiting in the wings. Though they may not have a truly household name, they sometimes have even more power and influence from their position just outside of the spotlight. Robert Kraft – billionaire, investor, business ...

What Causes Online Casino Accounts to Get Blocked?

Few prospects are as frightening to seasoned online gamblers than a casino account that is suddenly frozen with a healthy slice of their bankroll inside. In such cases, “User Account Blocked” is likely the only explanation a player will see. And whether the forfeited funds amount to a pittance or an astronomical payout, gamers will likely be looking for answers. Our advice? Stop this problem before it starts. Here are some of the most common cau ...

Relax Gaming Takes Players to Icy Land with Volatile Vikings

Relax Gaming, a one-of-a-kind iGaming aggregator and provider of unique games is inviting players to search for wins in its newest slot, Volatile Vikings. The new game from the provider introduces a 6×5 reel set and takes place on the deep seas in two different environments: an icy setting for the main game and broiling fires for the bonus game. All these are followed by an epic and attractive soundtrack. ...

Five Simple, Smart, Controversial Gambling Guidelines

To judge from some of the advice out there, you might think that online casino gambling is reserved for certified geniuses only. In a way, this makes total sense! Between keeping up with the latest promotional bonus offers (some of which are very enticing indeed) and keeping track of the latest industry news, staying current in the industry can seem like a full-time job. But no matter how complicated things may seem at times, there are some simpl ...

Tips for Online Casino Newbies

Are you new to the online casino gambling party? Welcome! This little leisure activity may seem small at first, but it’s actually a massive industry with billions of dollars in annual revenue worldwide, an interesting history, and a very bright future. New players will likely find a massive array of casinos, coaches, and would-be information sources clamoring to accept their money. But believe it or not, the most important things new players can ...

Australia’s BetMakers Completes Acquisition of Sportech’s Global Tote Division

BetMakers Technology Group, the race betting operator and technology provider from Australia, has finally pushed their acquisition of Sportech’s Global Tote business over the line. The deal between the two companies was agreed in December 2020, when the Sportech shareholders voted in favour of selling their racing, tote and digital business to BetMakers for around 42 million U.S. dollars. Now the agreement has passed all regulatory hurdles, makin ...

Celebrity Gamblers: Paris Hilton

Online casino fans know, if they have any experience, that gamblers come in every kind and color. There are the tight-and-aggressive players, who bet the minimum for hours at a time before unleashing monster bets. There fast-and-loose players, who throw their chips around the tables as if they were allergic to money. There are casual players, social players, professionals, first-timers, and everything in between. This diversity of styles, persona ...

Celebrity Gamblers: Jennifer Tilly

Most stories about famous gamblers fixate on fabulously successful stars who occasionally dabble in a small amount of brick-and-mortar or online casino gambling. And with good reason! People who love the music of Jay-Z or the movies of Ben Affleck may get a real kick out of seeing their favorite celebrities from a new perspective. But there are other stories out there… … stories where a successful Hollywood player makes a move towards playing in ...

Celebrity Gamblers: Ben Affleck

Let’s bet honest: when it comes to the A-list celebrities who love to frequent online casinos (or land-based ones, or private tables, for that matter!), some stories are more surprising than others. After all, plenty of famous folks whose public image is already flamboyant, risk-loving, or glamorous enough that it’s easy to imagine them placing massive bets without batting an eyelash. Is anyone really shocked to learn that Jay-Z once lost nearly ...


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