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Celebrity Gamblers: Tobey Maguire

Hollywood is rife with sad stories of celebrities who have made it big and lost it all thanks to overindulging in vices, partying too hard, struggles with addiction, and the like. It’s a problem with professional sports, too! It seems that every week there’s another story about a former millionaire who lost it all. In stories like that, gambling often plays the role of the villain. For people as diverse as basketball stars Charles Barkley and All ...

Celebrity Gamblers: Jay-Z

Online casino gambling continues to delight players of every stripe, from every corner of the globe. It’s not just average Joes and Janes who are getting on the action: some of the world’s most famous citizens are taking part too! The name of one noted gambler will be especially familiar to hip hop fans all: Jay-Z. ...

The Amazing ABCs of Online Casino Blackjack

So you’ve decided to get serious about online casino blackjack. Congratulations! Now the question is: where do you start? For the blackjack beginner with aspirations to professional status, the first steps don’t always resemble those of an amateur beginner. The world of online casino gaming is changing faster than ever, with new games and new tables popping up almost daily. Even in this rapidly evolving landscape, though, there are some fundament ...

No Deposit No-Nos: Five Common Mistakes to Avoid

There’s no question about it: we are living in the golden age of online casino gambling. Never before have players had so many options in choosing how, where, and on what terms to play! And never before have so many casinos had to compete for the patronage of players. It’s truly a global market, with much of the competition benefitting players’ bottom lines. One result of this is that online casinos have become experts at luring new players – and ...

How Not to Gamble: Unhealthy Gaming Habits

By now, only a fool, or someone living under a rock, could deny the appeal of online live dealer gambling. Millions of players the whole world over are taking part in this massive trend every single day! But not every player brings the best habits to their play. Whether it has to do with gaming strategy, mental acumen, or physical well-being, here are some pitfalls that have ruined many an outing. Guard against these, and players will be in the b ...

Why am I Still Losing at Blackjack?

It’s a well-known fact that playing blackjack with skill and strategy is the key to unlocking the best odds in the whole world of online casino gaming. There’s only one fly in the ointment: blackjack is a surprisingly complex game. All too many players assume that by learning basic strategy, they are ready for the proverbial big time: they jump right into big bets and long gaming sessions, throwing caution to the wind. This scenario tends to end ...

Baccarat’s History and Future

Once upon a time, the world of online casino gambling was dominated by roulette and blackjack, with craps getting an honorable mention as well. It was a predictable time for players and casinos alike. This days are over! Nowadays, the world of wagering is more diverse than ever before… …and grows more so by the day! Amidst the many trends picking up steam in the industry, perhaps none is stronger as the massive baccarat boom taking place in the W ...

The Five Best Baccarat Movies of All Time

Every online casino table game has its appeal, but none comes close to matching the elegance associated with baccarat. There are good reasons for that fact! A few decades ago, baccarat was reserved for high-rollers only. In the West, this game was so associated with James Bond that casinos embraced tuxedoes, evening gowns, and big bets as a kind of marketing strategy – right down to velvet ropes around the gaming area and croupiers wearing formal ...

Three Strategies for Baccarat

There was a time when baccarat was reserved for only a casino’s most well-to-do clientele. Truly! The tables sat behind a velvet rope, the dealers wore tuxedos and evening gowns, black-tie dress codes for players were strictly enforced, and betting minimums began in the four- or even five-figures! Fortunately for today’s gamblers, that is no longer the case. In fact, the massive international trend towards live gaming has combined beautifully wit ...

Baccarat Vs Blackjack: Which has better odds?

No matter what their game of choice, today’s players are finding themselves in a new golden age of gambling. Roulette? Slots? Poker? You name it, and any number of excellent, well-regulated providers will be happy to offer you a chance to play… … often with live dealers available! When it comes down to it, though, two of the top casino games out there find themselves in an interesting position: though they maintain very different reputations, the ...


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