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The Most Beloved Live Dealer Games (And Who Should Play)

Welcome to the wild world of live-dealer casino games, where the traditional casino experience meets the convenience of playing online. It’s the end of the year and that’s the perfect time to prepare for the next: a year where you dive into the beautiful world of live-dealer casino games and explore why they’re so appealing to gaming enthusiasts. These games go beyond the standard online casino setup by featuring real human dealers who inte ...

Casino Jobs that No Longer Exist

Looking back even a decade or two, it seems that no one could have predicted that online casino play would grow into the multi-billion-dollar powerhouse industry that it has become. These days, the digitalization of slots that dominated casino play in the 1990s seem about as relevant as the giant car phones used by Michael Douglas in Wall Street! Even the early online gambling of the early 2000s seems unrecognizable, in these days, where internat ...

We Played at 10s of Top Online Live Casinos — Here’s What We Think

On our mission to find top online live casinos we played at tens of popular and regulated sites. Our team evaluated each online operator based on its selection of live games, license, feedback from players, usability, and other important parameters. All of this effort with the sole purpose — to put together a small but concise collection of creme de la creme, best live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat sites for gamblers from different countries. ...

A Beginner’s Guide to Live Dealer Games

One of the most exciting things about online gambling is that it’s always evolving, innovating. One of the most significant innovations we’ve seen in the last couple of years is the rise of live-dealer games. They bring a real casino atmosphere to your home gaming experience… … and that’s not a small feat. Sure, brick and mortar casinos are fun—that’s not a question! But they’re not particularly accessible to a huge number of the population. You ...

Top 5 Misunderstood Factors Impacting Hourly Win/Loss Rate

There are plenty of differences between casual gamblers and more serious ones. Not that there’s anything wrong with placing bets just for fun! Many a fine time has been had (and more than a few jackpots won) by players who come to casinos very rarely, just to let off steam, or just to keep a friend company. But for players who take their wagering seriously, there’s no more important factor than hourly win/loss rate. If you’re serious about tracki ...

What is Volatility in Casino Gambling?

In some ways, online gambling is among the most approachable of any activity there is. Companies welcome new players with generous bonuses, offer tutorials and (sometimes) reliable customer service to make sure that newcomers are made to feel welcome. It’s a beautiful thing! In other ways, though, it can take what feels like ages to feel at home in the world of online casinos! In addition to the ins and outs of finding where and how to play, ther ...

Ashton Kutcher’s Sportsbetting Scheme Revealed

For most people, movie stars exist only in a magical world full of glamor that’s totally like our own. Of course that’s not true. People are people, no matter how well-known their faces may be… they have good and bad days, hopes and fears, just like anyone else. They’re just too well-paid, too beautiful, and too famous for us to see them any other way! This is true for online casino gambling too. While it’s a lot of fun to read about the wild bet ...

Review and Strategy for EZ Dealer Roulette (Ezugi)

It’s always nice to see a gaming company take risks. In a business growing as fast as the online gaming sector, it’s not as though they have to! Designers could play it safe and still make a handsome living. But that’s not how Ezugi does things. They’ve only been around since 2012, but have been shaking things up of late with a new looks and fresh approach. Now they’ve dropped EZ Dealer Roulette, an excellent title which will certainly be part of ...

They Won’t Pay! The Wild Adventure of the Undocumented Lotto Winner Fighting for his Winnings

It’s every gambler’s wildest dream… … as well as their worst nightmare! Imagine a smallish lotto bet – in this case around $5 – hitting big. Very big. Actually, bigger than big. We’re talking about a monster payout €250,000 (about $270,000)! But then, when it’s time to claim the payout, you run into problems. When it comes to less-than-reputable casinos, especially of the online variety, issues with withdrawing payments, these sorts of issues are ...

Why Gamblers Prefer Crypto

It’s happened before in the online gambling industry, and now it’s happening again! Once more, an element of gaming that began on the fringe is taking its place in the center of the casino ecosystem. And this time, the name of the game is crypto. More and more players are discovering the myriad advantages of using cryptocurrency as their payment method. And in response, more and more providers are stepping up their crypto offerings and services, ...


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