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Guide To Live Dealer Baccarat

It is not difficult to find live dealer baccarat on the internet, as most providers are offering this game. One of the best live dealer products is the Squeeze Baccarat by Evolution Gaming. There are two common ways of dealing baccarat.

There is what is known as “mini-bac”, where the cards are dealt face up, and the “squeeze” version, where the biggest bettor is dealt the cards and gets to look at them before they are exposed. Often bettors will peel the sides of the card so they don’t know exactly what number they are holding, but rather a range of possible outcomes. This limited information about the card’s value heightens the suspense and enjoyment of the game.

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Evolution Gaming

Evolution offers both squeeze and non-squeeze versions of baccarat. Of course with a live dealer game you can’t actually squeeze the cards yourself, so the dealer does it for you with the hit cards. The first two cards for player and banker are just exposed normally, but then if the player has to draw the dealer squeezes the cards, showing just the edge so that you can tell how many sides it has but not the exact value. Evolution squeeze baccarat also offers a number of side bets. Of course like all tables you can bet on tie, but they also allow you to bet on player pair, banker pair, perfect pair, either pair, player bonus, or banker bonus. We will go into more detail on these side bets below.

Naturally, no baccarat table would be complete without statistics concerning whether banker or player was winning. Luckily, with live dealer baccarat, you don’t have to keep track of this information with a pen and paper like at a real table, instead, the casino displays this for you on a sidebar so you can tell which way the streaks are going.

Evolution squeeze baccarat offers extensive details about the results of previous hands in an easy to examine chart. The game also displays data about which way people are betting (how much money in total and what % is going on what bet) which is good if you want to go with or against the crowd.

This game uses an eight deck shoe of cards, has a very nice high-quality video feed and the dealers are friendly and personable.

Evolution also offers no commission baccarat, with the super six bonus bet (as well as the other side bets available on squeeze baccarat). With this game, if the banker wins with a total of six then it only pays out half a bet. They use some nice camera angles like close-ups when the cards are turned over which make things more interesting.

Another version of baccarat from Evolution is speed baccarat, which basically just picks up the pace a bit; good for gamblers in a hurry. Overall Evolution Gaming is a great live dealer provider. They have a nice selection of tables and types of baccarat to choose from, and they also provide a really nice gambling ambience.

Leo Vegas and Twin Casino are two great casinos where you can find Evolution live dealer baccarat.

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Play Evolution Gaming Baccarat at Leo Vegas Now >>


Playtech LogoPlaytech offers squeeze, mini, and no commission baccarat. This provider also has the banker pair, player pair, perfect pair and either pair side bets. They also allow you to bet on big or small, as well as to place wagers on individual ties that have the potential to pay out huge. For example, if you bet on a five tie and it hits then you get paid 110:1.

With Playtech squeeze baccarat they start squeezing a little earlier. First, the four cards are dealt face down, which already adds a little suspense. Then they complete expose one of the hands (whichever less money was bet on) as well as one of the cards from the other hand, and then they squeeze the last card, making it more exciting because at first you only know how many sides the card has. Subsequent hit cards, if there are any, are also squeezed.

Playtech squeeze baccarat is dealt from an eight deck shoe. They also have an Asiatic theme to the room they are dealing the game in, with Chinese symbols on the wall, as well as some posters of snakes. Despite not really needing the space, they also use a traditional large baccarat table.

The Prestige Mini Baccarat by Playtech is almost exactly the same as the squeeze game and has the same squeezing procedure. The only real difference is the camera view, which has some flowers and an orange backdrop. One good feature of this game is that they use different camera views to mix things up and make the game more interesting.

Playtech no commission baccarat also pays only a half win on a banker six victory. With this version of the game, there is no Oriental theme.

You can find Playtech live dealer baccarat at Paddy Power and William Hill.

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Play Playtech's Baccarat at Paddy Power - Click Here >>

Microgaming Live

microgamingAnother live dealer provider that offers baccarat is Microgaming Live, and their games can be found at Casino Estrella. One great feature of MG’s game is the dragon and tiger side bets. They also have a few tables where the dealer is dressed up like a playboy bunny. In addition to the dragon and tiger side bets, they also have phoenix pair and turtle pair.

MG has a number of different baccarat tables that you can choose from and a good video stream. Their games also keep a record displayed of the results of previous rounds, and they also provide a graphical representation of what cards were dealt if your stream is lagging which is an excellent feature.

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Play Microgaming's Baccarat at Casino Estrella >>

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play offers the big and small side bets, as well as player pair, banker pair, and super six. One thing that they do differently is they show what individual users are betting on, whereas other live dealer sites only show bet totals in the aggregate.

They also show statistics on what bets have been paying off during a shoe, for example showing that player has won seven times while banker has won five and that the big side bet has won ten times while the small side bet has won four.

Unfortunately, Pragmatic does not offer squeeze baccarat and the have only a limited selection of tables to choose from as well.

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Play Pragmatic's Baccarat at Leo Vegas >>

Lucky Streak

lucky streak logoLucky Streak is another live dealer provider that offers live dealer baccarat, although they too only offered a single table of this game. What they did offer was pretty good, and featured the big and small side bets, as well as banker pair and player pair. Their card change procedure is quite efficient, so you don’t waste any time waiting for the shuffle, and they start off new shoes by drawing a card and then burning the number of cards that corresponds with that card’s value.

Lucky Streak actually shows the amounts of individual bets, so you get a bit of a more authentic feel in that regard, and they do have a very nice high-quality video stream. This company could be considered more of a boutique live dealer provider, focusing on quality over quantity.

With the backdrop of other table games and the upbeat music playing there is definitely more of an actual being in a casino experience when you are playing at this live dealer provider.

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Play Lucky Streak's Baccarat at Casino Extra >>

The Best Casinos for Live Dealer Baccarat

What is great
Huge selection of live dealer games (100+ tables)
Exceptional mobile live casino app
Very flexible betting & withdrawal limits
* 18+ New Customers only. Min £10 deposit required, 70x wagering on live casino games before bonus winnings are withdrawable. See full T&C's below.
No Wager Requirements on Deposit Bonuses!
An Iced Out Dwarf!
Play Multiple Playtech Live Tables On One Screen
15+ Native Live Dealer Tables in Many Languages
Good Selection of Banking Methods Including Bitcoin
Play BetGames Live Lottery Games
Great Bonus Offering No Strings Money
Smoothly Designed Mobile Site
Innovative Features Including Quick Deposits
Mobile compatible - VIG live dealer games run on any mobile and tablet.
Very generous bonuses for table games - sadly RNG only.
Smooth withdrawal processing.
Top Bonus for Live Casino Players
Great Paddy Power Branding and Social Media
Chinese Native Tables Available
* T&C Apply to all bonuses. Must be 18+ to participate. Please gamble responsibly. Visit for more details.

We recommend Paddy Power for live dealer baccarat. Paddy Power is a great online casino with a number of interesting promotions and a lot of different gambling games to choose from. They also have a sportsbook and a poker room if you are getting bored of casino games. Right now they have a very exciting promotion where you can deposit 10 GBP and play with 60 GBP right away, although this is only available to players from Great Britain and Ireland.

They also have a specialized live casino bonus which is a 100% match, and because this promotion is tailored towards live dealer customers the funds can be used for live dealer games. There is a 50x rollover requirement and again this promotion is limited to people in the UK. Paddy Power offers Playtech live dealer baccarat.

Another solid option if you want to play live dealer baccarat is Leo Vegas Live Casino. Leo Vegas also has a deposit bonus designed for live dealer players, on top of a wide array of other bonuses and promotions. Please note that while live dealer games contribute fully to clearing the live dealer bonus, there is a 70x roll over requirement.

Leo Vegas also has many banking options, which is convenient for their customers, and top-notch support if you have any problems or concerns. Leo Vegas has games from many different reputable software providers, such as Microgaming, Playtech, Thunderkick, Elk Studios, iSoftBet, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and many more.

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Typical Payouts

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Bet Type
Payout Odds
Player Pair
Banker Pair
Either Pair
Perfect Pair (EVO)

Player/Banker Bonus Payouts

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Non-natural hand wins by 9 points
Non-natural hand wins by 8 points
Non-natural hand wins by 7 points
Non-natural hand wins by 6 points
Non-natural hand wins by 5 points
Non-natural hand wins by 4 points
Natural Win
Natural Tie

Big and Small

The big and small side bets offered by Playtech refer to the number of cards that are dealt. Small wins if there are four cards dealt, and Big wins if there are five or six cards dealt.

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Individual Tie Bets

The house edge for banker is 1.06%, for player it is 1.24%, and for tie the house edge is 14.36%

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Side bet RTPs:

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Banker Pair
Player Pair
Perfect Pair
Either Pair
Player Bonus
Banker Bonus

How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat

Playing baccarat is very straightforward, all you have to do is pick player or banker, then sit back and hope you win. Initially, the dealer will give two cards to either side. If either the player or banker has a total of eight or nine then there are no more cards, and the higher side wins (or if they both have the same total it is a tie and the tie bet wins and the player and banker bets push).

If neither side has a natural, then the player will draw if they have five or less. With a total of six or seven, the player will stand. For their part, the banker will determine whether or not they draw a third card based on their total and the player’s total.

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Top 10 Live Casino Sites
* 18+ New Customers only. Min £10 deposit required, 70x wagering on live casino games before bonus winnings are withdrawable. See full T&C's below.
Most Popular Table This Month
Lightning Roulette

Latest innovation by Evolution Gaming, Lightning Roulette combines the excitement of playing live roulette with the winning potential of slots. Before every spin, between 2 and 5 numbers are awarded an improved multiplier between 50 and 500 times of your wager.

It gets better. The RTP on it is matching that of European Roulette (97.30%) which means that you give up nothing, but get to play a much more exciting variation of live roulette.

Click to visit
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