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Infinite Blackjack Review & Top Live Dealer Sites

Evolution has long been touted as the leader in live dealer games, especially live dealer blackjack. Apart from offering standard tables that seat multiple players, they have been known to spread their wings and offer new twists on the classic game.

Infinite Blackjack is exactly that, however the actual game-play is identical to any standard game of blackjack you have ever played. Where Infinite Blackjack differs is that there is never a moment in time where a table is not available. Because you are really at the table by yourself, the game is ready whenever you are.

If you have ever played any Evolution live blackjack games in the past, you will immediately recognize the tables, the demeanor of the dealers, and everything that comes along with it. It must be said that Evolution is not the first provider to offer a live game of this type, though it must also be said that all other similar games come nowhere near the quality of the Evolution interpretation.

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New Take On Blackjack Side Bet Options: "Bust It" and "Hot 3"
Excellent Stream Quality
Six Card Charlie Bonus - The First Live Blackjack Table We've Seen To Offer That
Finally we see Evolution Gaming go live with an Unlimited Blackjack of their own. We found the table to be excellent and unique with a fresh view on what the side bet options in live blackjack can be.
James Hoarden
Expert of live dealer casino games.

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General Information and Rules

Infinite Blackjack is a game that exists within a lobby all its own. While some of the other Evolution live dealer games take place in a large studio where other games and tables can be seen in the background, the Infinite Blackjack tables take place in a quiet setting and even feature an exclusive backdrop complete with the Infinite Blackjack logo.

If you have ever played Evolution live dealer blackjack in the past, you will even recognize the dealers as they are often the same. Unlike Party Blackjack or any of the more raucous games, Infinite Blackjack’s dealers are calm, quiet, and reserved.

They handle themselves professionally but will answer any questions you might have. As far as controls within the game, there is an option to change the volume if you would like to hear the voice of the dealer and the shuffling of the cards, or if you would like to hear nothing at all. There are a few different camera angles as well.

You can choose your preferred camera angle, however sometimes the game will dictate this based upon the strength of your internet connection. In total, there are two different views; one where the dealer and playing table consume the whole screen, and one where the screen is split between the dealer and live table and a digital table underneath. The second of these two is used with weaker connections because even if the live stream goes out, the dealer’s cards as well as your own will still be displayed digitally. The chat box is located towards the left and can be collapsed or expanded depending upon your preferences.

Infinite Blackjack Rules

The rules of Infinite Blackjack are exactly the same as any standard blackjack game offered by Evolution. A blackjack win will pay out at 3:2, dealer’s must hit on 17 (even soft 17s), and there are a total of four side bets.

The one rule that makes Infinite Blackjack stand out is one known as “Six Card Charlie.” Simply, if a player is able to accrue six total cards without exceeding 21, they will be credited with a win. Even if the dealer hits a blackjack or otherwise ends up on 21, a Six Card Charlie is always a winner.

As far as the previously mentioned side bets are concerned, two of the four are the same side bets you will see on most other Evolution live blackjack tables. These are PAIR and 21+3. PAIR, as the name of the bet implies, will pay out if the two cards you are given are a perfect pair. Any pair pays at 8:1, while a suited pair will pay out at a massive 25:1. The 21+3 side bet will pay out so long as your two face-up cards and the dealer’s single face-up card comprises any of the following:

  • Suited Trips (100:1): three of the same card of the same suit
  • Straight Flush (40:1): three numerically sequential cards of the same suit
  • Three of a Kind (30:1): three similar cards of different suits
  • Straight (10:1): three cards in numerical sequence but of different suits
  • Flush (5:1): non-numerically sequential cards all of the same suit

The Hot 3 side bet is yet another that takes into consideration your two face-up cards as well as the dealer’s single face-up card. This type of side bet will be determined to be a winner so long as the three aforementioned cards total 19 (1:1), 20 (2:1), 21 (suited (20:1) and unsuited (4:1) options), and 7-7-7 (100:1). Finally, the Bust It side bet simply says that you are betting that the dealer will inevitably exceed 21. Whether it be with three or six cards, this bet will win with a dealer bust. The payouts differ depending on how many cards it took for the dealer to bust, and those are as follows:

  • 3 cards (1:1)
  • 4 cards (2:1)
  • 5 cards (9:1)
  • 6 cards (50:1)
  • 7 cards (100:1)
  • 8 or more cards (250:1)

Table Layout and Platform Navigation

The table layout of Infinite Blackjack is quite simple and does not have many bells and whistles. Because there is only one player (you) sitting at each table, there is only one available betting area, complete with the four abovementioned side bets.

Apart from the table rules, the table itself and overall layout is simple and lends itself heavily to player usability. Even if you have never played live online blackjack before, the learning curve is quite small and that is a credit to the simplistic setup of the game.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Camera angle automatically adjusts if weak connection is detected
  • Four total side bets (more than you will find elsewhere)
  • Easy to use interface
  • Six Card Charlie rule (creates more winning opportunities)

Final Thoughts

In truth, we love everything about Infinite Blackjack solely because it takes the traditional game we know and love and expands on it, in a way. Thanks to Six Card Charlie and the multitude of side bets, there are more options for players, more ways to win, and more ways to have fun.

The relaxed atmosphere and fact that you are not waiting for up to six other players to act really makes the game move along quickly and smoothly. In short, if you have played Evolution’s standard live blackjack tables and enjoyed yourself, you will have an equally—and probably better—time playing Infinite Blackjack.

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