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Most Common Live Dealer Games Myths And Why They Are Not True

Posted on April 16, 2020 | 6:40 pm

Fascinating in many ways, Live casino is gaining momentum worldwide, to such a degree that this youngest branch of iGaming has all chances to become a new industry leader in the very near future. While multiple advantages of playing your favorite brick-and-mortar classics at Live Dealer tables are all too apparent, the rapid growth of as-real-as-it-gets entertainment comes as no surprise.

Huge popularity, however…

…always has a downside, going hand in hand with rumors and implausible conjectures. Similar to the biggest celebrities, both the providers of Live casino software and online operators are exposed to inaccurate speculations, some of them quickly grows into myths really not easy to debunk. Why? Simply because for many people it’s much easier to believe in „bad guys“ than in their own „bad luck“!

It’d be wrong to deny the existence of isolated scam artists but the truth is, the majority of web-based gaming platforms are 100% committed to fair play, hence a big number of accusations are ungrounded and rather caused by disappointment. The gambling community is well aware of this fact but … misconceptions continue to thrive.

Why Are These 6 Live Dealer Games Myths So Hard To Dispel?

First of all, gamblers are a superstitious breed. 

We have our secret lucky charms, we know exactly what time of the day is the best to get a Royal Flush or to land a winning combo on roulette, and finally, we’re confident of the inevitable success of our own betting strategies. And that’s not all bad! Quite on the contrary, it makes the whole plot even more fun.

Still, the great bulk of all myths…

…is related to some kind of unfair practices eventually performed by croupiers or operators with many players having certain doubts about bonus terms or game rules. Well, to skip fine print is a really bad idea, therefore always read carefully both general and bonus T&Cs to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Needless to say, all punters (newbies especially) are highly recommended to do their due diligence by reading casino and software reviews, as well as comments of other players but only at the reputable gambling portals. 

As for myths, it’s better to set things straight from the very outset, therefore here is our list of the most widespread fictions – completely dispelled.

Myth #1: Live Dealer Games Are Rigged

The most common and perhaps the least harmless misconception. It’s not difficult at all to run into a „true“ story about pre-recorded footage of the ball spinning around the roulette wheel or different manipulations with card decks at blackjack or baccarat tables.

Live Roulette is subject to the greatest number of „irregularities“ intended to alter the outcome of the spin, with placing a magnet inside the ball and under the table being the most popular of all. Easy-to-play and undeniably a game of pure luck, roulette is traditionally in high demand, which is probably one of the reasons for increased attention.

The bottom line is…

…that none of such statements are true. If you play Live Dealer games provided by reputable developers licensed in strong gambling jurisdictions, you can be sure, tables are not fixed. Indeed, it’s impossible with a technical point of view as all studios are covered by many cameras, which let punters follow the action from different angles. 

Do not forget that casino games are audited by independent agencies for fairness and compliance with strict regulatory requirements. To be on the safe side, always check out venues with warnings before placing wagers on the website, which is new to you.

Myth #2: Live Dealers Earn Commission

Believe it or not, some people are pretty sure, croupiers that run Live tables earn a certain percentage from player losses. Well, not a bad way for dealers to benefit from their work but in reality, they make living on salaries. What’s more, they earn less than the land-based colleagues who can count on generous tips from lucky winners.

Similarly, Live Dealers are not paid extra for chatting with clients apparently to keep them longer in play. The only certain thing is that they all are well-trained professionals ready to help and advise on all issues related to the current game, at the same time contributing to your most immersive and pleasant experience.

Myth #3: Card Counting Works For Live Dealer Games

Many players think that card counting is not possible in case of RNG table games but have another opinion when it comes to Live casino. Well, the fact you play against a real dealer instead of a computer doesn’t really change the result as both types of software are designed to be card counting-proof. 

For instance, when playing Live Blackjack, the shoe is usually changed after four decks (of total eight) have been dealt and the cards are burned before the beginning of each round, therefore there’s no chance to predict the next one to come. 

Card counting won’t work but…

…can yield you unpleasant consequences as casinos thrown upon this activity. As a measure of protection, you can (suddenly) lose connection to the server and most probably be banned from future play at this place.

Myth #4: New Games Are Looser Than Older Releases

This one sounds awesome but … is just another baseless illusion. Unfortunately, we have to upset all patrons who believe game studios or casinos try to attract more players by making their new titles “looser”. As a matter of fact, none of them promote their products this way. On the bright side, there’s plenty of various bonuses, which serve the same purpose much better.

Myth #5: Big Wins Are Impossible To Cash Out

Once and again, if you play at properly licensed casinos and strictly follow the rules, your winnings will be credited to your account in a timely manner, regardless of the amount. So, no problem with payments.

Rarely, due to software glitches…

…or other technical problems, some „lucky“ stakes unexpectedly is not paid out. That doesn’t mean the casino takes you on a ride and wants to keep your prize – do not jump into conclusions as every bet has to be synchronized with the server and confirmed, and even state-of-the-art technologies are not immune from minor disruptions. Glitches do happen.

Myth #6: Live Dealer Games Pay Less

Even though the leading suppliers of Live games provide full data on each particular title including its theoretical RTP, another urban legend says tables set in luxurious studios return to players (in the long run) less money than their RNG counterparts.

It’s absolutely not true…

…and very easy to check out. While Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack can brag of the lowest house edge across the industry of just 0.49%, other games are also enhanced with solid RTPs. For example, 2 Hand Casino Hold’ em (again by Evolution) and Prestige Baccarat designed by Playtech return 99.18% and 98.94% of all staked money respectively.

In the case of Live Roulette, much depends on the wheel, as well as the game’s variant. When compared, double-zero wheels of American roulette are the least favorable for players due to the highest house edge of 5.26% while the European variety is more generous to patrons keeping only 2.70%. Still, French roulette offers the best odds thanks to a special “La Partage” rule that decreases the edge for even-money bets up to an incredible 1.35%.

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