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Live Automatic Roulette with La Partage at Betchain

Posted on December 14, 2020 | 12:48 pm

What makes a Live Dealer game?

The name would suggest that the presence of an actual human dealer or croupier at the table… but is it possible to experience Live Dealer games, even without one?

That’s the question posed by Betchain’s Live Automatic Roulette with La Partage game. Although there is no actual dealer present at this Live Dealer event, play is live-streamed from the designer’s exclusive studio.

As such, though there is no live croupier to take bets, this game can hardly be rightly called an online game, either, since the gaming action is based on a real physical phenomenon.

The real-world component places this offering somewhere between the two!

But that’s enough philosophizing for one day. Let’s move on to exploring the game itself…

…and the companies that brought it to life!

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The Provider

This game is serviced by Betchain, a casino that rose to prominence as one of the premiere casinos to emphasize the use of Bitcoin in its deposits and withdrawals. Several other cryptocurrencies are accepted as well – as are a handful of traditional currencies, most notably Euros.

Though they’ve only been around since 2013, they’ve established a very strong reputation in that short time.

With that said, their parent company, Direx Limited, has a less pristine reputation, mostly regarding licensure issues.

As always, it’s essential that players be judicious in making sure they’re complying with the laws of their home country – there’s no worse news to a gambler than to discover that the big win they’ve just achieved can’t be legally withdrawn!

And while the industry is better-regulated than ever before, there are always bad actors out there to watch out for.

With that said, Betchain’s licensure, issued by Caraçao (Netherlands Antilles) is beyond reproach.

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Look and Feel

look-and-feel-betchain-image2The smarter casinos know that strong visuals are the key to a superior Live Dealer experience…

and act accordingly!

Betchain definitely falls into this category.

Though their overall gaming suite is extensive, when it comes to Live Dealer offerings they rely on some of the very best third-party firms in the business to make sure that players have the best experience possible.

Specifically, these are NetEnt, Ezugi, and EGT Gaming. This particular game is serviced by NetEnt, a company that has made itself into an industry leader when it comes to Live Table gaming…

…in addition to its considerable expertise in slots!

(Pro tip: our sister site LatestCasinoBonuses has some great material on that side of their business.)

The result is appealing both in its visual design and in its user interface. Between the elegance of the automatic wheel and its live-streamed nature, the game has an almost futuristic feel.

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Value for Players

value-for-players-image3Even with all the incredible technology and incredible array of gaming options available to online gamblers today, the bottom line is still what matters to serious players:

What kind of odds can players expectWhat’s the house edge? Is this a wise way to risk my hard-earned bankroll?

In this regard, the answer is easy: roulette offers players some of the best odds of all table games.

What’s more, this specific variety of roulette is the most player-friendly available anywhere!

The use of a single 0 on the European wheel (rather than the 0 and 00 used in American roulette) means that players enjoy a lower house edge of 2.7% for even-money bets, rather than 5.26%.

[The dreaded triple-zero wheel currently trending in Las Vegas offers players the worst odds of all, with a house edge of 7.26%.]

What’s more, the use of La Partage – sometimes also called En Prison or Surrender – improves players’ odds even further! When this rule is in place, the house edge for even money bets drops to an all-time low of 1.35%.

A house edge that low is tough to improve upon. When it comes to table games, only advantage blackjack players can hope to do better.

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The Verdict

So which is it: is this game a Live Dealer game or a traditional, online table?

There are definitely elements of both present here, and reasonable people can reach their own opinions. With odds this strong, visuals this striking, and a casino this reputable, though, the answer is….

who cares what you call it?

Shakespeare said it best: “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Call this game what you will – for modern online gamblers, online casino gambling doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

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