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What Will We See from the Best Live Dealer Blackjack Apps in 2020?

Posted on November 19, 2019 | 12:48 pm
live blackjack apps for 2020

Blackjack is no stranger to the spotlight. Having originated in French casinos all the back in the 17th century, the various versions of this card game have held an important part in social consciousness ever since.

Perhaps the most important development blackjack has faced in the modern age is that of its integration into live online casinos.

So how did we get here, and where might this grow in 2020 and beyond?


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The Early Days

Today, live blackjack apps are enormous and widespread. There is more info on which looks at some of the key players of today.

This includes modern components such as explaining the sheer numbers of tables, which can exceed 30 per site, and some of the bonuses which draw new players in. In simple terms, these casinos are now huge.

So, how did we get here?

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Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming owes not short amount of thanks to the development of the smartphone. As these became ubiquitous, their power increased, which made it possible for a greater range of games to be developed.

One of the drivers of change came from games like blackjack. These were simple enough to run on basic phones, yet still offered a level of gameplay which drew players back for more. At first, this necessitated apps. In recent years, however, many larger overarching services like online casinos have moved towards webpage integration with HTML5.

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Better Infrastructure

The other side of prior growth was born from improvements in backing infrastructure.

While there were many elements tied into this, the most important three were increasing device power, increasing internet speeds, and lowering overall internet costs.

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Into 2020

Heading in 2020, current indications are that online casinos are still on the rise. According to trend analysis at, this upward growth incorporates all aspects of online casinos, including live games, sports betting, poker, and bingo.

With such a pattern so confidently predicted, we would also assume similar growth within the casino subsection of live blackjack apps. But what more specific forms will development take?

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Popular Live Blackjack Tables

Movement Towards HTML5

As mentioned, modern mobile apps today are very different from how they traditionally operated. Rather than being confined to a specific download, the apps of 2020 should follow the trend of being available over general webpages, instead of necessitating direct downloads.

Such advancements should streamline the connection process, meaning less time waiting around, and more time playing blackjack.

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Some of the most rapid and unexpected growth in the tech world over the last ten years comes from the realm of cryptocurrencies. These have become a juggernaut, as they slowly interface with more and more aspects of our physical and digital lives. As we examine at, this also extends to the world of online casinos.

As the different currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin continue to prove themselves, we would expect more casinos to cater to new banking methods going forward. This is likely going to be seen with the adoption of casinos which a singularly dedicated to crypto funding methods, though we also anticipate more traditional online blackjack casinos will offer crypto options.

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A New Level of Speed

The objective factors we looked at above are probably going to be the most informative on your direction, but what of the more subjective issues? Things like theme and overall interface are difficult to quantify in anything but a subjective sense, but this subject appreciation can make all of the difference in the world.

Are you a big football fan? Then you might want to try a website which also caters to sports betting. Do you prefer fantasy themes while you play? Then check out a more fantastical website on which to play. The ultimate choice is up to you and, as long as it caters to your needs, there are no wrong answers.

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All Together

Combining the advancement of all aspects, it is highly likely that 2020 will be a year of immense growth for the empire of live blackjack apps and gaming. The success of such forms of gaming has shown potential host casinos that live blackjack adoption is a path well worth travelling. Combined with an audience more appreciative and ready than ever before, success seems inevitable.

Perhaps we might even see some pushes in AR or VR adoption in 2020, which could raise the bar even further. Whatever the case, there has never been a better time to play.

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