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Review: Playtech’s Phenomenal Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

who_wants_to_be_a_millionaire_playtech_1It’s always nice to see a major cultural trend find its way into the online casino gambling sector.

And thanks to the high quality of Playtech’s excellent new Live Dealer release, that sweetness is sweeter still!

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a bona fide phenomenon – this game show has been a smash hit in multiple countries and languages, attracting millions upon millions of viewers again.

In fact, it’s been so genre-defining that a Oscar-winning film adaptation took it as a narrative framework!

Now, the industry stalwart Playtech has turned it into a live roulette game. There’s a lot to like here, from the rock solid gaming fundamentals to the massive multiplier and bonus features, all the way to an outstanding overall RTP of 97.28%.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this game so interesting…

… starting with the team that built it!

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The Designer

There’s been tremendous change in the online gambling sector in recent years, as new firms rise to prominence and some established brands successfully adapt to new market conditions, while others flounder.

Through it all, though, Playtech has remained a true beacon of excellence throughout the industry.

Since their founding in 1999, this Estonian company has grown and innovated with remarkable consistency. Today, they are one of the business’ leading brands, with a thriving catalogue of top titles, partnership agreements with other top companies all over the world, and more…

… with no sign of things slowing down anytime soon!

So how does this blue-chip firm do in their latest adaptation? And for a firm that has already delivered several top-notch live roulette games, what makes this one unique?

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The Game

who_wants_to_be_a_millionaire_playtech_2This title provides a great example of how branding and concepts adopted from pop culture can combine with traditional gaming elements to create superlative results. It is, in its essence, a live roulette title just like any other…

… yet because of smart design and one-of-a-kind features, it feels like a truly unique experience!

From the first, its clear that visual design is a far cry from the usual casino gaming floor presentation. The streaming site is made to resemble the game show’s studio, and many of its bonus features draw direct inspiration from the TV program. And it’s just not a visual thing: music, audio, and even host behavior are taken straight from the airwaves. Fans of the game show will feel right at home here.

In terms of gameplay, European roulette provides the blueprint.

The wheel has only a single zero, and the set of gaming options includes the special European bets such as Orphelins and Neighbors. Players can choose between the ‘classic’ and ‘racetrack’ display options, with 15 seconds between betting rounds during which bets can be placed.

With that said, the special bets and bonus features are really what make this game stand out.

As soon as the host spins the wheel, between 1–5 (or on rare occasion, even 10) numbers on the wheel will be randomly selected as Millionaire Numbers. If the ball lands on one of these, and if your bet is eligible, one of the bonus rounds will be activated.

It is important to note, though, that only certain bets are eligible: these include Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, and Line wagers. The even-money bets, usually the best mathematical options out there, are excluded from bonus features (though still available with standard payouts). This means that, in order to take full advantage of what this title has to offer, smart players may have to alter their strategy somewhat.

What, exactly, are these bonus features like?

There are four possibilities. Simplest is the 100x, which simply activates a 100x win multiples for an eligible bet. A Question Mark symbol presents players with two options: one is a direct prize payout of 50x or 100x, the other a riskier (and potentially more lucrative) Millionaire Round.

Just like on the TV show, the Millionaire Round is no simple affair. First, there’s a quiz format, where players try to select which option holds the biggest win multiplier. Multipliers are added for as long as the quiz continues – this lasts until an X symbol is revealed. There are also three “lifelines” available, that narrow down the options by eliminating some lower-value answers.

All told, this is a feature-packed offering with a max win multiplier of 2000x!

The resulting RTP of 97.27% is just barely (by 0.01%) lower than standard European roulette offerings. So players who choose to spend a lot of time with this title are essentially sacrificing a small amount of overall advantage to the house in exchange for more exciting play, and a better chance at larger individual payouts.

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Where to Play

who_wants_to_be_a_millionaire_playtech_3Since Playtech is such a well-regarded and -respected designer, players enjoy a wealth of quality options when it comes to the choice of where to play.

One excellent options is LSbet, a fine outfit that offers reliably solid bonuses for sign up, 2nd deposit, and the like. In addition to solid live dealer options, they also offer sports betting, table games, and much more.

Another potentially worthy suitor is Casoo. They are an internationally well-regarded site that offers competitive bonuses for initial deposits and much more.

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