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VIG Live Dealer Games & Casinos Reviewed

About The Company

Visionary iGaming is a developer specialised in creating high quality, interactive live casino experience accessible via the Internet.

The company was established in 2008 in Costa Rica by a team which included several managers from Vuetec, the very first provider to help land-based casinos stream live dealer games over the Internet.  ViG currently employs more than 120 people and services 60+ operators.

Clearly striving for the position of the segment leader, they’ve invested a lot of effort into creating a diverse offering with unique features.

In May 2017 the company has made an acquisition of a former competitor Global Gaming Labs and is now one of the very few live dealer software providers that works with casinos that accept players from the USA.

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Quick Facts

Costa Rica

Games Offered By VIG

Visionary iGaming is trying to differentiate from the competition in more ways than one. They use authentic hardware such as Cammegh digital Roulette wheels and Shufflemaster shoes, and are proudly claiming their games are played with standard sized playing cards identical to those found in brick-and-mortar casinos around the world.

Another point of difference is that ViG live dealer games come with free-play option. You do have to register at an online casino featuring them, but don’t necessarily need to make a deposit.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about a game’s interface and options before placing any real cash on the table. The provider broadcasts from a relatively small studio in San Jose, Costa Rica.

You’ll see other tables in the background and hear the noise typical of land-based casinos. Though the design looks a bit dated, the interface is dead simple and controls very easy to find and use. Live Chat functionality makes it possible to communicate with the dealer and other players by typing in your messages and comments.

There’s not an actual Lobby to speak of; click on a game type, either Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat, and you’ll be prompted to select the betting range best fitting to your budget. Having done that, you’ll immediately get transferred to the game.

ViG’s Live Land-Based Casino solution allows physical gambling venues to market their games to on premise as well as remote players, streaming them from a casino floor to desktops and mobile devices, TVs and VLTs.

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Visionary iGaming Live Roulette

ViG provides the usual Live European Roulette, but also rarely seen American variant with double zero. Not sure why, but it seems there are players ready to embrace this unfavourable option.

Both games feature video feed positioned on top, which once the wheel starts spinning splits into two to allow a closer view of the bouncing ball. Hot and Cold numbers are displayed on the right, along with buttons for accessing game rules and betting limits.

Computer-generated image of the betting table is, as usually, available at the lower half of the screen. This is also where you’ll find a slot for placing tips, in case you want to thank the dealer for their service.

Like all ViG games, Live Roulette is offered with low, standard and high betting limits. At Lucky 31, you’ll get to choose among tables accepting bets between €0.10 and €25, €1 to €200, and €5 to €500.

Visionary iGaming Live Blackjack

Classic 7-seat Live Blackjack was redesigned in 2016 and now features full screen HD video with several unique features. Choose Ahead functionality allows participants to make a decision as soon as cards are dealt, which helps speed up the game.

Back Bet enables an infinite number of players to bet behind those seated at the table. On top of frequently seen Pairs side bet (paying 11:1), ViG’s variant also offers a Rummy Bet which delivers 9:1.

Essentially, the player bets on their first two cards plus the dealer’s up card being a Rummy – either 3 cards of the same rank or the same suit, or a 3-card Straight. The game plays with 6 decks and according to Vegas rules.

The dealer will stand on hard 17 and hit on soft 17. Players can double on any cards, splits included. Betting limits are displayed in the top right corner, video and audio can be switched on and off, and live chat window lets you join in on the conversation. Visibility of the cards placed on the table is, sadly, far from ideal. Integrated Basic Strategy will advise you on what action to take, but you’re free to ignore it.

Should a player fail to respond within the given time, no matter what the reason, their hand will be completed in line with the optimal player strategy. There are not many live gaming providers to offer dealer tipping functionality, and ViG has managed to go one step further.

Players can place a Tip Bet for the dealer, and if their hand wins, the casino will double the tip. ViG additionally offers Live Blackjack Early Payout, a one-to-many variant with a high 99.5% payout.

This is essentially Common Draw Blackjack which can accommodate an unlimited number of participants, with one special extra. Players can choose to opt out of a hand at any stage of the game and in exchange receive an Early Payout, which can be bigger or lower than their original stake (depending on the dealer’s up card). The amount is based on the expected probability of the player’s hand at that particular moment in time.

What this means is one can completely avoid busting or being outdrawn by the dealer, and unlike the usual Surrender option where you’d get half of your stake back, this variant offers an opportunity to make a profit. Whatever the decision, hands will always be dealt to completion so that one can evaluate the success of their Early Payout.

At MYB Casino, ViG Live Blackjack can be played at low limits table with stakes of €1 to €25, medium limits ranging from €5 to €200, and high limits of €25 minimum and €500 maximum.

Visionary iGaming Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat features a similar set-up to Live Roulette, with video splitting into two to allow for a close-up of cards drawn to the Banker and the Player. Buttons on the right-hand side offer access to rules, settings, betting limits, Dragon payouts, and Big Road.

The latter can be set to open automatically during the betting period. Dragon Bonus pays when the hand is a natural winner, or when it wins by 4 points or more, and players can wager on either Player Dragon or Banker Dragon.

Pairs Side Bet wins if the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker form a pair, and one can bet on Player Pair, Banker Pair or Either Pair. The first two will pay 11:1, and the last 5:1.

Live Super 6 is a no-commission Baccarat variant in which both Player and Banker pay even money (1:1), except when the Banker wins with 6, in which case the bet pays 1:2. Super 6 side bet is offered as insurance to a Banker 6 win and delivers 12:1.

At Lucky 31, Live Baccarat can be played at a low limit table for as little as €1, medium limits table accepting bets of €5 to €200, and high limits table with stakes ranging from €25 to €500.

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