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Peek Baccarat (Evolution Gaming Live Game Reaches Elite Status)

What do the savviest online gamblers look for in a live dealer game?peek_baccarat

Smart design? Original visuals? Unique bonuses? Top odds?

Whether it’s one of the above or something else entirely, you’re likely to find it in Peek Baccarat.

The design team flexes its muscles with this release – the latest in a series of very appealing games built by Evolution Gaming – in just about every possible way. There’s a great deal to like here, but perhaps our favorite part is the downright sensational RTP of 98.8% for the banker bet.

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Taking a Sneak Peek

taking_a_sneak_peekBaccarat has been a favorite of casino connoisseurs for quite some time. Its mixture of player-friendly odds, simple rules, and subtly complex strategy make it a perennial winner.

With that said, there are plenty of excellent baccarat options available already! So what makes this one so special?

Of course, with Evolution making industry moves at lightning space, it’s a moment when every one of their new releases merits attention.

Beyond that, though, it’s the “peek” feature that really makes this one stand out from the crowd. As far as we can tell, this is the only baccarat game currently on the market which offers players the chance to modify their bets after the first 1-4 cards have been revealed.

After the two player cards are revealed, players have the option of changing their bets. The options will be to keep things as they are; to double your bet, a good move if things are going your way; treble it, if things are looking especially positive; or to ‘fold,’ if things are trending downwards. Interestingly enough, if you fold, your bet will be returned to you!

Features like this are perhaps the rarest thing available in today’s gaming market. This is a true innovation that doesn’t come at the expense of RTP!

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The Devil’s in the Details

In fact, the opposite is true!

That’s because, even with its fresh twist on baccarat at the center of things, you’d be hard pressed to find another baccarat offering that delivers traditional gaming elements better.

There’s a broad betting range of $1-$1000 per hand (which makes this an affordable option for just about any bankroll size) to simple, elegant HD streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More to the point, standard even money payouts are available, along with an 8:1 return on tie wagers, expanding betting options including player and banker pair side bets, and, to the delight of just about every gambler ever, a phenomenal RTP of 98.8% for banker bets.

Taken together with the “peek” feature, this game makes a downright overwhelming impression.

An important note: even in the midst of such positive, player-friendly gaming options, the brilliant “peek” options does come with a price. Using it will cost bettors 20% of their stake as a ‘fee’ – and should they decide to ‘fold,’ that 20% will not be returned.

Of course, the feature is completely optional. Players who want to keep things traditional can avoid the “peek” option altogether, and simply enjoy the strong odds and rock solid design fundamentals.

If there’s a downside to this title, we sure aren’t seeing it yet!

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Ready to Take a Peek?

In recent years, Evolution has moved from the online gambling industry’s margin to its center. Their smart collaborations with other top brands are almost as impressive as the winning titles they drop with increasing regularity.ready_to_take_a_peek

They’ve gone from “a name to watch” to a few more good years away from blue chip status.

With a top designer like Evolution, players have plenty of casino options available to them. But it’s important to note that the choice of lobby has to do with more than just aesthetics or convenience!

Especially when dealing with a game with such advantageous RTP, the choice of casino can make all the difference in the world. As in advantage blackjack, when the right bonuses and promotions are taken full advantage of, the possibility of even a short-term player advantage over the house comes into consideration!

That’s why we recommend that players who’ve not already done so check out LSBet.

It’s not just that this well-reviewed, well-respected lobby offers superior bonuses to new and returning players alike. (Although it does). It’s also that this is more than an online casino. Specializing in both live casino gaming AND sport betting, they seem to take the perspective of a “homepage” for gambling enthusiasts, rather than just another lobby.

Of course there are other great options out there as well, too! Just be sure to check the reputation of any new lobbies you choose to frequent.

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Towards a General Theory of Evolution (Gaming)

What’s the big takeaway?

From where we’re sitting, there aren’t many other games on the market that can offer as much in the way of advantages as this title can – and that doesn’t just describe baccarat offerings, but any title in any casino lobby!

The combination of smart design and genuine innovation with player-friendly odds makes this a can’t-miss option, plain and simple.

Of course, this won’t be every gambler’s favorite (no single title could be), and no matter how friendly the conditions, it’s important to use discipline and make good strategic decisions throughout gameplay.

Still, we can recommend Peek Baccarat without hesitation.

If you haven’t given it a try yet, it begs the question: just what’s stopping you?

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