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Sunbet Live Dealer Games and Casinos Reviewed

About The Company

Sunbet is a developer of live dealer games tailor-made for Asian markets. The Gaming Platform (TGP) is the exclusive reseller of their products, which is why online casino operators tend to mark their offering as TGP Sunbet.

The developer is part of Inplay Matrix family, Asia‘s leading iGaming product distributor with over 700 clients and 980 brands contributing to their portfolio. TGP holds a UK operating license and is additionally licensed in the Isle of Man.

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Quick Facts


Live Games Offered By Sunbet

Sunbet delivers their live games via high quality streaming and includes some lovely animations, such as the squeezing of the cards in Live Baccarat. Players can manually change video quality by choosing from 3 different options, and use Live Chat function to interact with other game participants.

Elegant Lobby provides an overview of games and little else, except for the name and picture of the dealer.

Once you click on the table of your choice, you’ll be offered three bet ranges to pick from. All-in-One Game populates the screen with 6 different tables one can play at simultaneously. Tables are placed within the same area to support the feel of playing in a land-based casino.

Game hosts are silent and there is a recorded voice informing you when to start / stop betting, and calling out the results of a round.

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Sunbet Live Baccarat

TGP’s Live Baccarat is a standard game variant with 5% commission charged on Banker bets. Supported side bets include Banker Pair and Player pair. The layout of the game looks a tad busy; video feed is extended over the entire screen, though partially hidden with digital images of cards drawn on one side, and statistics on the other.

The latter can be used to view history with the help of 5 roadmaps. Settings button on top allows you to change language, access personal settings, and manipulate sound effects, dealer’s voice (?), and background music. Game rules are easily accessible via the icon placed in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Hover your mouse over the video and you’ll be offered to switch to a “large screen”, thus giving the dealer a bit more space and pushing roadmaps to the bottom.

Live Bid Baccarat incorporates the squeezing element and offers this privilege to the highest betting player.

Live Super 6 Baccarat features additional side bets, namely Banker and Player Odd /Even, Big and Small.

Sunbet Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a standard European issue sporting a single zero slot. Layout is similar to that of Live Baccarat, with live action taking place on the upper half of the screen and digital betting area positioned below.

There is an additional window zooming in on the wheel once the ball is sent spinning. Results of the last round are shown on the right, along with the Bet Pool. There doesn’t seem to be an option to place call bets using a racetrack.

Sunbet Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is kind of like a simplified Baccarat game where each side gets only one card; whichever happens to be higher, wins the round. Players can bet on Dragon (paying 1:1), Player (1:1), or a Tie (8:1). Almost identical interface is used as with Live Baccarat, and the dealer is still silent.

Sunbet Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular Asian game played with 3 dice. It offers an abundance of betting options, with highest payouts of 150:1 delivered by a specific triple. Live Sic Bo features the typical Sunbet layout, except that there is no option to enlarge the video. Camera will zoom in on the glass container shaking the dice to make the outcome well visible.

Sunbet Live Bullfight

Bullfight looks like a mixture of Baccarat and Poker, with betting options including Banker, Player, Banker / Player Two Pairs, and Banker / Player Three-of-a-Kind. Both hands receive 5 cards when the game begins, and each then uses any 3 cards to form a total with a multiple of 10 (known as Bull). These 3 cards are then placed on the lower row, while the remaining 2 cards move to the upper row.

If the Player manages to obtain a Bull, it can use the other 2 cards to compete against the counterpart. If not, Player has to play the game with the highest value card. If totals in upper and lower row both contain totals with multiples of 10, it’s a Bull Bull which pays 2.85:1.

Sunbet Live 3 Card Poker

Sunbet’s 3 Card Poker is actually a traditional Chinese game of Triple Faces. There are 6 positions on the table and each is dealt 3 cards. The highest total wins, with picture cards counting as zero and all other cards worth their face value. The player first has to choose one of those as the Banker, and then bet on one or more hands to try to score a higher total. When two hands achieve same totals, the winner is the one holding more picture cards.

Sunbet Live Mahjong

Mahjong is a game which plays by rules similar to those of Triple Faces. There are 7 positions on the table, one of them being the Banker and the other six the Player (one can choose to bet on any of the Player hands).

Each position is dealt 2 tiles, and the winner is the one which scores higher. This game uses 10 different tiles called One Stone, Two Stones, Three Stones… Nine Stones, plus the most valuable White Stone. Each of them has a pair which means you’re playing with 20 tiles in total. Pair of White Stones is the strongest possible hand, an if there are no pairs, the result is decided by the total of the two tiles. In case of a tie, Banker wins.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sunbet

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