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How Not to Gamble: Unhealthy Gaming Habits

Posted on March 10, 2021 | 10:56 am

By now, only a fool, or someone living under a rock, could deny the appeal of online live dealer gambling.

Millions of players the whole world over are taking part in this massive trend every single day!

But not every player brings the best habits to their play. Whether it has to do with gaming strategy, mental acumen, or physical well-being, here are some pitfalls that have ruined many an outing.

Guard against these, and players will be in the best position possible for success.

[Please note: while this article aims to promote healthy habits for recreational and semi-professional players, it does not address addiction or problem gambling. If you or someone you know is being negatively effected by problematic or compulsory gambling, we strongly recommend seeking help from established professionals including,, or]

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Emotional Gambling

For all but the most experienced players, managing emotions is one of gambling’s greatest pitfalls.

The rush of casino play can be intoxicating… in fact, it is precisely what draws many players to the tables! But that thrill has to be balanced with sober, clever gaming choices.

Most serious-minded players are perfectly capable of making plans to gamble wisely. This means playing within one’s means, smart bankroll management, playing with sound strategy, and never wagering more than one can afford to lose. There’s a big difference, though, between a plan and its execution!

The key is to keep composure in heat of the moment, when adrenaline is pumping and big wins are at stake. If emotions are kept in check, good things can happen…

…and if not, heartbreak is sure to follow!

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Greedy Gaming Choices

unhealthy_casino_habits2It’s a funny kink of human psychology that, when good things happen, most of us are inclined to push our luck.

This is particularly dangerous at the casino. When a player experiences a run of good fortune, many will instantly want to play for higher stakes, raise their bets, or keep firing on all cylinders until their luck changes.

This is exactly what casinos count on!

Over time, with the exception of the most elite advantage blackjack players, the house will always, always, always win.

It doesn’t matter where you play – if you play for long enough, any short-term advantage will be wiped out by the law of averages.

That’s why the only way to win at casino gambling is to walk away before your luck turns. Greed will prevent players from doing so, robbing them of their profits in the meantime.

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Using the ATM

When playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, one machine offers players worse RTP than even the very worst slots…. the ATM!

Most bank machines at casinos charge exorbitant fees. Smart players know to stop at the bank on their way to the casino, where no fee will be charged, and to bring with them only as much cash as they are prepared to lose.

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Buffets and Snacks

There are unhealthy gambling habits, and then there are unhealthful ones… if casinos don’t go out of there way to promote the former, they can be downright diabolical when it comes to the latter!

Casinos are notorious for their low-quality and/or high-priced food. This provides a double threat to players: chowing down on fried food will make them physically and mentally sluggish, while the price tag can cut into their profits considerably.

This is a danger to online players as well! During long gaming sessions, it’s much easier to scarf down a microwave pizza than it is to make a fresh salad or complex meal. Again, poor diet leads to sloppy gaming decisions.

In both cases, the solution is clear: eat a healthy meal beforehand, and prepare good snacks ahead of time!

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Insufficient Sleep

Since the house always wins over time, it’s the casino’s interest to keep players active for as long as possible. This can translate to exhausted gamblers unable to make their best gaming decisions.

That’s why you’ll never see a clock or a window on a gaming floor. Anything that can give players a clue as to how much time as passed will be purposefully omitted.

Part of becoming a skilled player is knowing when and how to take breaks.

For players in land-based casinos, this might mean taking regular pauses and a 20-minute nap in the middle of the day.

For online players, it might mean scheduling a walk around the neighborhood every hour or two.

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Too Much Tobacco and/or Alcohol

unhealthy_casino_habits_too_much_tobacco_and_alcohol3It’s well-known that high rollers often receive comped drinks from casinos (to say nothing of other perks), but this is a danger for online gamblers as well.

Many people use smoking and/or drinking as a way to manage stress. And when you factor in big bankroll swings, jackpots, and tournaments? Even when the stress is fun, even when it ends happily, there’s no doubt about it: gambling can be stressful!

But for those who play regularly, overindulging in tobacco and/or alcohol can cause serious health problems… not to mention, it can impact your play!

If this is an issue for you, we recommend setting smoking and/or drinking limits for each gaming session, just the same way one should plan a session bankroll.

When the quota has been met – whether for wins, losses, smokes, or drinks – it’s time to call it quits.

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