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What Causes Online Casino Accounts to Get Blocked?

Posted on November 9, 2021 | 11:38 am

Few prospects are as frightening to seasoned online gamblers than a casino account that is suddenly frozen with a healthy slice of their bankroll inside.

In such cases, “User Account Blocked” is likely the only explanation a player will see. And whether the forfeited funds amount to a pittance or an astronomical payout, gamers will likely be looking for answers.

Our advice?

Stop this problem before it starts.

Here are some of the most common causes of a frozen player account. Learn what they are, so that you can avoid them, and be spared the profound inconvenience (at best) of losing access. Forewarned is forearmed!

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Verification Issues

Very often, an account is frozen for what amounts to clerical reasons.

One of the most common iterations of this issue is a withdrawal request submitted by a mobile casino player whose payment details have yet to be verified. To a casino system programmed to look out for shady financial dealings, this is a massive red flag.

The fix for players is straightforward enough: be sure to verify your account and payment details before making any withdrawal requests when playing at a new online casino.

Failure to do so can lead to delays, or worse.

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Login Problems

login-problems (1)Believe it or not, an account may be frozen if you enter your username or password wrong too many times within a given time period.

Worse yet, such a shutdown might be triggered by someone else trying to access your account! Bad actors are always on the prowl in the online gambling sector, and if someone is trying to get into your profile, the sites security protocols could end up leaving the players themselves out in the cold!

Usually, in cases like these, waiting 24 hours then simply resetting your password will suffice to resolve this issue.

If you believe you’re being targeted by identity theft, however, it may be wise to take stronger action across all your accounts and devices.

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Violation of Terms and Conditions

There’s not a human being alive who enjoys reading those terms and conditions pages in full.

The legal language can be difficult to parse; the small print can make it difficult to read; and at least 90% is seemingly meaningless, boilerplate text that the provider has placed to make sure it’s legally protected and in agreement with licensure.

That last 10%, though, can be crucial.

Modern online casinos have a lot to stay on top of. They have to stay true to their obligations under licensure agreements, which often involve monitoring player accounts for signs of problem gambling, underage gambling, fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and all sorts of other nefarious behavior. They have cybersecurity to contend with. The international nature of today’s gaming industry means that a great variety of regulation, in multiple languages, is also in play. And all of that goes into the T&C pages.

For players, this means that seemingly small issues – such as, say, using some VPNs – may violate terms and conditions, which can cause decidedly non-small problems.

There are also withdrawal and bet limits, excluded payment options (including some E-Wallets, such as Skrill), time limits, and limiting players from certain countries.

Violation of any of the T&C terms can lead to loss of winnings, bans, and even criminal prosecution in extreme cases. So it pays to pay close attention to terms and conditions, despite the annoying elements of doing so.

[Note: For gamers who like to hunt for the top casino bonuses out there, attention to terms and conditions is similarly crucial. Failing to do so can disualify you from big wins, often after deposits have been made.]

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Underage Gambling

underage-gambling (1)One of the top concerns of casinos worldwide is preventing gambling by underage players.

Providers can face steep fines if legal minors are found gambling on their servers. Not only are todays platforms meant to shut down the accounts of any players found to underage, they are also in many cases legally required to take a proactive role in seeking them out and shutting them down.

As such, anything that might conceivably be a sign of underage play – such as an upload error with legal ID – will automatically be flagged.

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In Conclusion

Blocked accounts would be a mere nuisance if they were to appear at the beginning of the gaming process, rather than at its end. The unfortunate fact is that, if there are any problems that would lead to an account being blocked, they are most likely to appear upon withdrawal.

This means that players will have already deposited their funds, invested their time, and hopefully enjoyed some nice wins.

And it’s only when they’re ready to enjoy the fruits of their good fortune that the pain of a blocked account will hit. For players who work with a substantial bankroll (or who hit a big jackpot), this can mean losing out on serious amounts of money.

Reading terms and conditions carefully, making sure that account, identification, and payment details are confirmed, and login security are likely very low on the list of priorities for lovers of online gambling.

But in this case, taking these steps can make the difference between a very big payday and a very big pain.

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