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VIP Roulette / Evolution Gaming

Posted on December 13, 2021 | 1:51 pm
vip_roulette_evolution_gaming (1)

In the world of live dealer gaming, some designers are just getting on board, while others seem to have it all figured out.

Evolution Gaming is one of these.

They came early to the Live Dealer trend that has swept the industry, and have continued to innovate and grow at a breathtaking pace in recent years. They’re currently one of the hottest firms in the business…

… but their reputation has been largely built on consistently innovative steps as well as partnership agreements with some of the business’ most highly regarded companies. How will they fare when the situation calls for an old-school, classic approach?

The answer can be found in VIP Roulette, a suite of games meant to appeal to high rollers and lovers of traditional blackjack. There’s no room there augmented reality, creative game structures, or any elements that advance the more progressive elements of gaming.

No, no, no… here, it’s all about doing the basics with as much class as possible.

So how do they do? Let’s take an in-depth look.

Before delving into the details, though, let’s take a closer look at this intriguing designer.

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The Designer

In the constantly changing world of online casino betting, Evolution Gaming has proven itself to be reliably excellent and innovative since its founding in 2006.

With offices in the UK, Latvia, Italy, and Malta, they provide Live Dealer solutions for the European market par excellence. They develop their own titles, while also working closely with other major operators – including William Hill, VC Bet, 888, SkyBet, and Paddy Power, just to drop a few big names among many – to stay ahead of the industry curve at every step.

This business model has yielded a powerful position for Evolution Gaming, allowing them to throw their weight around, making big moves all over the world, and generally making sure that the prestige of their brand is cemented for the long haul.

One small example of the classy way they do things: the actual roulette wheels used in their live dealer studios are made by Cammegh, one of the most high-end manufacturers in the world.

Could Evolution had saved some money by going with a less expense vendor?

Of course!

But cutting corners isn’t how they do business.

This approach to gaming suggests great things for clients, whether other companies or individual players. So where does this title fit in?

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The Game

the_game (1)It’s no small thing for a company that made its name as a disruptor to try its hand at the most traditional part of casino gambling. And there can be little doubt that classic, high-stakes Roulette is about as traditional as it gets!

Simply picture the dimly-lit, glamorous “behind the velvet rope” world of high-stakes gambling, and you’ll probably have an image in your mind of how the world’s wealthiest, most famous, and most elegant gamblers prefer to play…

… and that’s exactly the atmosphere Evolution’s design team has conjured up here.

The gaming tables are dominated by red velvet, black, gold, and oak; top-level dealer in formalwear handle all of a guest’s needs; and an overall aesthetic of luxury pervades every element of the gaming experience.

These visuals are backed up by rock-solid gaming substance.

Let’s begin with the betting range, which begins at $5 per spin and goes all the way up to $20,000 per round for those craving an outlet at the highest bet levels available just about anywhere. Up to 15 favorite betting patterns can be saved, to save players time and cultivate good gaming rhythm. Neighbor and special bets are available, too.

The game is streamed live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Evolution’s private studios in Latvia. Since there’s no limit on how many players can take part at a given time, there’s never any wait required in order to play… although live chat is available with dealers, other players, and customer service representatives if needed.

As we mentioned, this is not a single title but a suite of games, each with slightly different table rules. There is VIP European Roulette, VIP French Roulette, and for those who crave a very fast pace, VIP Auto Roulette – of these, French Roulette offers the best overall odds.

Overall, the suite posts an excellent RTP of 97.3%… but of course that number drops if players opt for the Beast over and over!

For players who don’t already possess a solid background in gaming strategy, we strongly suggest reviewing the guides on our excellent Sister Site RouletteVision, to make sure you’re getting the best value for your hard-earned bankroll.

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Where to Play

 where_to_playWith a top name like Evolution gaming, players can enjoy the benefit of having many potential casinos to choose from.

For this title specifically, we recommend Casoo Live Casino, a fine outfit that offers many of the best titles and design firms in the industry, as well as outstanding bonuses for new players.

There are plenty of other excellent choices available, though, including some of the best-regarded lobbies in the industry. These include LSBet, Zet Casino, and Tsars, as well as Jetbull and Betsson.

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