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Tips for Online Casino Newbies

Posted on July 27, 2021 | 9:31 am

Are you new to the online casino gambling party?


This little leisure activity may seem small at first, but it’s actually a massive industry with billions of dollars in annual revenue worldwide, an interesting history, and a very bright future.

New players will likely find a massive array of casinos, coaches, and would-be information sources clamoring to accept their money. But believe it or not, the most important things new players can do are actually quite straightforward!

Here’s what every newcomer needs to know right now.

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1: Choose the Right Casino

choose_the_right_casinoThere are a great many misconceptions about gambling, but not all of them are what you might expect!

For example, while strategy is absolutely a part of playing at a high level, it’s often the most mundane things that have the biggest impact on a player’s bottom line.

For example: not all casinos are created equal.

Some gaming houses are well-managed, well-regulated international businesses with reliable tech support, excellent reputations, and massive incentives to treat their clients well.

Other casinos? Not so much.

This means that’s wildly important for new players to do their research and bring their business only to sources worthy of their trust. In the event of technical issues, misunderstandings, or problems with payouts, this will be the difference between a positive gaming experience and a wildly negative one.

So while new blackjack players should absolutely study the basic strategy of live table blackjack, choosing what casinos (and which tables) to play is probably the most impactful element for any player.

Do your research and act accordingly!

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2: Do Your Homework BEFORE Making Your Deposit

This is the last thing casinos want you to do…

… which is exactly why you should do it!

Even if a casino is reputable, large, and offers a great variety of games, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have the games you want to play!

So before you make that first deposit, make sure the company has what you want! Otherwise, you may be stuck playing a title that doesn’t speak to your interests, waiting for the withdrawal minimums to be satisfied.

Which reminds us…

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3: Read the Terms and Conditions

Are you familiar with the term “the devil is in the details?”

Well, this truism has never been truer than in the case of online casino gaming.

The terms and conditions sections of online casinos aren’t like updating iTunes – the fine print is crucially important, and could potentially mean the difference between cashing out your massive jackpot and losing your whole bankroll on a technicality. Read the whole section!

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4: Take Full Advantage of Introductory Offers

take_full_advantage_of_introductory_offersIt’s a mainstay of life and work in the ‘real world’ that it never pays to jump into a new adventure, hobby, or profession before you know the lay of the land.

Surely, you can always dip your toes in the water first, then dive in all the way later if the water is fine. Right?

While this is good advice most of the time, online betting is one area where this is actually not a good policy.


Because of the structure of modern casino bonuses and promotions.

Oftentimes, a player’s best chance to turn a bit profit at an online casino comes thanks to a generous deposit bonus promotion. Many highly reputable casinos will match 100%, 150%, or more of initial deposits up to a certain limit! This is essentially free money, that is obviously intended to draw in new clients.

The catch is that the very best of these bonuses are usually available only for the initial deposit. There may be other bonuses for later re-deposits, but the terms will almost certainly not be as generous.

So while life experience may tell you that depositing a smaller amount at first is the most prudent approach, this is one case where the opposite is true: it’s a far, far better to make a larger first-time deposit, in order to take full advantage of that initial deposit offer, than to play it safe and miss out on rare the opportunity to get an edge over the house.

You can always withdraw it later, remember! (See #3 above!)

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5: Set a Budget

If the previous example was a case where common sense derived from real life experience would lead a new gambler astray, this is an opposite case:

set_a_budgetJust as it wouldn’t make sense to order off a restaurant menu if the prices weren’t clearly shown, or to purchase a car without knowing its price, to begin a session of gambling without having some sense of what one is willing to wager (and can responsibly lose).

Of course, you may win! But if the finer points of bankroll management make up a topic that beginners can wait to learn, the simple of fact of living and playing within one’s means is absolutely essential.

Remember: if you can’t afford to lose it, you can’t afford to wager it!

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6: Remember To Stay Cool

While this is an essential consideration for all gamblers, new players especially may need to spend extra energy keeping their emotions in check while playing.

A budget and a plan are only effective when a player has the wherewithal to hold to them! So be prepared…

… gambling can bring up big swings in mood, whether a massive rush of excitement or a dreadful crash of fortunes. Whatever comes, keep your cool, stick to your plan, and remember that tomorrow is another day.

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