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Roulette FTV Review

Fashiontvplay Casino, a member of the FashionTV Gaming Group (FTVGG), introduced Roulette FTV in 2019. This live dealer release comes through the partnership with BetConstruct to create a stylish online roulette experience. The joint venture is part of a broader initiative of FashionTV to entice gambling audiences with sophisticated and exclusive content powered by reputable gaming providers.

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James Hoarden
Expert of live dealer casino games.

For starters, it’s worth mentioning that initial FashionTV Gaming Group press releases about Roulette FTV launch included details on the venture with both Portomaso Gaming and Portomaso Casino at Saint Julian’s, Malta. This prestigious brick-and-mortar venue was announced as hosting partner for live dealer feeds in roulette and baccarat games at Fashiontvplay Casino.


The current information on the Fashiontvplay Casino website asserts that the hub powered only by FashionTV and BetConstruct. The FTVGG’s website, on the other hand, lists both BetConstruct and Portomaso Gaming as partners. (Note: Portomaso Gaming should not be confused with Portomaso Live Casino that ceased operations in February 2020.)

While all of this may be somewhat confusing, the whole outlook of Roulette FTV resembles other BetConstruct live dealer games at Fashiontvplay Casino and allows players to participate in BetConstruct-only jackpots. 

Consequentially, in terms of regulations’ credentials behind Roulette FTV, they seem to be three-fold.

Fashiontvplay Casino brings its Curacao license plus UKAS and SOCOTEC certificates at the table. BetConstruct follows suit with MGA, South Africa, and Curacao licenses, in addition to NMI certification and UKCG compliance. Portomaso Gaming participates with MGA license and Italian AAMS certification.

Apart from this…

Live dealer Roulette FTV features European-style roulette streamed live from uniquely branded studio featuring FashionTV blackish visuals, with displays showing fashion models and other casino tables in the background.

As such, Roulette FTV offers players the best possible RTP in the spinning wheel world.

Courtesy of one zero pocket, European roulette has a 2.6 percent house edge. In comparison, its American sibling raises the casino advantage to 5.26 percent, stemming from an extra double-zero pocket on its wheel.

Consequentially, Roulette FTV employs almost complete umbrella of European roulette rules.

The wheel spins in the mandatory counterclockwise direction, and the dealer always throws the ball in the opposite direction. Patrons have approximately thirteen seconds to place wagers before ‘No More Bets’ window pops up on the screen.

According to detailed info available in the game menu, the ball must complete at least four full revolutions to confirm the validity of spin and winnings. In the case of the so-called No Spin, the dealer will re-spin the ball while all patrons’ wagers remain in place.

Roulette FTV features all usual inside and outside bets — straight, split, street, corner, six-line, column, dozens, and even money wagers (even/odd, red/black, hi/low) — with customary payouts.


The betting range is spiced up with a special French roulette touch. Named as Special Bets, options include Voisins du Zero, Jeu Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, and Finales.

It is notable that information in the game documentation doesn’t address En Prison or La Partage rules present in European and French roulettes. These rules entitle the player to additional benefits — either an extra spin or return of half of the initial wager — whenever the ball lands in zero pocket on even bets only. In both rules, the house edge drops down to 1.35 percent.

Since our testing team was not lucky enough to hit zero at Roulette FTV — after all, it is 35:1 chance — we do not know the outcome of this particular scenario.

Such a wide variety of betting ranges allows for plenty of action and offers enough flexibility. At the same time, the wagering diversity necessitates that patrons are well-informed about particulars of each bet and that they possess at leastbaseline knowledge of roulette betting strategies.

Table limits vary according to the type of bet: The minimum is always 2.5$ while the maximum ranges between $50 and $1,000.

Overall visual impressions while playing Roulette FTV are rather nice, both in practice mode and real money game.

Multi-camera positions cover several angles and give a clear view of the roulette wheel. Dealers are both males and females, and the latter brings the usual panache of FashionTV. The backdrop gives a feeling of a brick-and-mortar casino, particularly when background sounds are turned on.

The user interface is rich and quite functional. As expected, the center of the screen is reserved for the live feed and betting commands that hover transparently above the background.

The upper right corner hosts a full range of control panel functions (game settings, rules’ info, betting history, table limits, video/audio settings). The top left segment of the screen is reserved for the chat window.

The bottom strip consists of the betting layout (including Racetrack View), Statistic Button, Call Bet and Bet Building buttons, as well as the player’s bet info, balance, and Cashier key.

The Statistics Button gives a plethora of analytical information on the outcomes of the last 100 spins, hot and cold numbers, and previous bets. There are three views to choose from — diagrams, pie charts, and figures.

Call Bets button lets you put so-called ‘verbal wagers’ — present in European land-based casinos — while the wheel is still spinning, albeit these bets have to be predetermined by using Bet Building Mode button at the bottom of the screen.


This particular type of announced bet is where Portomaso Gaming information from the beginning of this review comes into the picture. Namely, Call Bet is prohibited by the UKGC as a way for casinos to offer credit lines to the players; to this end, online patrons from the United Kingdom cannot play at Fashiontvplay Casino. But, in the regulatory language of the Malta Gaming Authority — call bets are legit.

Whether this is some legal leeway or something else, we thought this was important to mention to our readers who are advised to take additional due diligence in regards to the legality of roulette call bets in their national regulations.

Once the wheel stops spinning…

Live dealer Roulette FTV is a nice, niche choice for patrons who are into roulette in the first place.

Admittingly, it’s not the game for everyone. To be good at online roulette, whether on desktop or mobile device — Roulette FTV supports both — requires an equal amount of strategy knowledge, prudent decision-making process, a proper betting system in place, and accountable budget handling

Compared to other live dealer releases, though, Roulette FTV packs a great balance of European-style rules and a variety of betting options. Reputable game providers offer proper lineage and feeling we’re accustomed to in other releases at Fashiontvplay Casino. Different camera angles provide a good overview and increase the dynamics of players’ experience. Analytical tools integrated into the game UI indeed present plenty of useful information.

In terms of cons, the traditional black visuals of FashionTV — regardless of video displays and outstanding commercials — might not be that attractive to patrons seeking full-blown opulence of land-based casinos. Some croupiers are at times plain flat and lack flamboyant flare integral to roulette.

There are no native tables available except the English version. The bottom strip, no matter how well-devised, sometimes blocks camera views — particularly if players click on the New Version button, which makes it even more prominent.

Finally, on a few occasions, the live casino feed stopped when the ball was about to hit the wheel pocket, letting software to announce the winning number.

One way or the other, when appropriately approached — particularly in terms of responsible gambling practices and playing within the limits of your budget — Roulette FTV offers exciting and fun time, which is what gambling should be all about.

The rest remains in a healthy dose of luck that is paramount in this game of pure chance. With that in mind, we wish you plenty of opportunities to make good choices!

  • European-style roulette with best available RTP
  • Plethora of wagering options
  • Reputable software pedigree, albeit somewhat confusing vendors’ origins
  • Customary bells and whistles of FTV experience
  • Extended game analytics
  • Croupiers are on occasion flat and non-engaging
  • The U.K. patrons cannot play this game

“A mishmash to a certain extent, Roulette FTV has a nice set of rules and wagers that gives much flexibility and provides for plenty of action. I liked the outlook, multi-camera feed, and great-looking dealers. Then again, to be successful in this game requires significant levels of roulette knowledge, particularly with add-ons of French styled wagers. Thus, it might not be for everyone, but it surely is something you should try and draw your conclusions.”

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