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Live No Commission Baccarat by Ezugi

Ezugi’s been sourcing inspiration for its latest releases from the up-and-coming Asian market. No Commission Baccarat is one of the most popular releases there. A valuable mix of classic Banker-Tie-Player bets is topped with a selection of additional side bets.

Like with most of its other live games, the team of Ezugi streams this release from the custom-built studio. The stream is maintained 24/7 and you can join the game at any moment because there is unlimited seating at the table.

Naturally, the game is adapted to instant play from desktop and mobile devices. In addition to the classic three bets, which are Banker, Player, or Tie, the team adds 4 side bets. The odds are as follows:

  • Player 1:1
  • Tie 8:1
  • Banker 1:1
  • Player Pair side bet 11:1
  • Banker Pair side bet 11:1
  • Perfect Pair side bet 25:1
  • Either Pair side bet 5:1

Ezugi’s release welcomes bets from 0.50 cents to 200 credits per round, making this a noteworthy release for the low and high rollers. While gaming, you can chat with other players and tip the dealer.

What’s Unique About No Commission Baccarat by Ezugi?

The No Commission concept is not purely Ezugi’s invention. It is a modification of baccarat where the annoying 5% commission is eliminated.

To elaborate on this, the game starts with placing bets. You are to predict, whether it will be the player or the banker to win, or whether it will be a tie. Should you bet on the player’s hand and it wins, the odds are paid 1:1. You double the initial stake.

The banker’s hand, however, wins more frequently. Knowing this, the casino uses the statistics to its advantage. Should you bet on a banker’s hand and it wins, the classic rules require you to deduct a 5% commission in favor of the betting house.

The No Commission Baccarat eliminates that 5% fee and pays Banker Bet 1:1. However, many players would argue that while they don’t pay the initial 5% commission, the games do not become more advantageous because of the house edge, which shifts to a higher percentage.

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$1 - $198
$1 - $198
4 side bets
Dealer tipping
Unlimited seating at the table
With every new release, Ezugi proves that it is in it to win it. Everyone understands that the competition in the live gaming industry is fiercer than ever before and the studios are looking for a unique edge and vision that will let them win over the market. Well, Ezugi’s team turned to Asia-based live games, bringing us unique and innovative releases, while also winning over the hearts of a big segment of players in Asia. No Commission Baccarat is a noteworthy live game. It is a great combination of the classic modification with Ezugi’s signature quality stream.
James Hoarden
Expert of live dealer casino games

What are some other live games to consider?

If you are a fan of baccarat variations, we’ve got lots of great alternatives for you to explore. The best way would probably be to search by portfolios as opposed to standalone games because there are plenty of options to consider:

  • Evolution Gaming’s baccarat portfolio is impressive, with its signature Lightning Baccarat series being the highlight of the collection. Plus, the studio also offers Squeeze and No Squeeze variations.
  • Microgaming’s live dealer baccarat is worthy of attention, as well, especially the Dragon Tiger series. The studio also has several classic modifications.

Baccarat releases in its Lucky Streak’s portfolio come with a nicely optimized shuffle feature. The studio does not have a big representation for the game but it surely collaborates with some of the greatest online casinos.

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Live No Commission Baccarat: Recommended Casinos

There are 10s of great Ezugi-friendly platforms to choose from, and you can sort them either by currencies, bonuses, deposit methods, or other parameters. Yes, crypto-friendly brands are included in the list, as well.

Check out No Commission Baccarat in the live and mobile lobby of Tsars. This is a place to bet and win launched fairly recently but already boasting great reviews from registered members. The cashier accepts fiat and digital currencies and maintains a good withdrawal speed. is one of the trailblazers in crypto-gambling. It’s been around for years and established itself as a reliable and safe place to bet and win, which is also licensed and regulated.

Also, don’t miss out on the live dealer bonuses in the lobby of CloudBet Casino. Its cashier is the hybrid of regular and digital currencies, and the list of games is second-to-none.

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$1 - $198
$1 - $198

How to Play No Commission Baccarat?

Out of all the live games, baccarat is oftentimes the easiest one to master. It is also a pure game of chance so there are hardly any strategy tips that we can suggest except for being aware of your financial capabilities.

The game is played with 8 decks. The goal is to predict, which hand – banker’s or player’s – will be the first to get a result of 9 points or as close to it as possible (without exceeding the limit of 9 points).

That being said, it is important to keep in mind the contribution of different cards. Those from 2 to 9 will be worth just as much as they represent. Ace is worth 1 point. Cards from 10 to King count as 0.

Start by placing the bet on either the Player, Banker, or a Tie. Then, the dealer draws two cards per each of the hands, face up. If the initial draw leads to either of the hands exceeding 9, the first digit is dropped.

Let’s put it in context. For instance, the banker draws a 2 and a 6 for the hand. That’s a total of 8 points. The player gets a 7 and a 9. That’s 16 in total, and the first digit is dropped, resulting in a score of 6.

Now, getting 8 or 9 points at the first draw is considered a natural value, and the round is over. If the player’s hand has 6 or 7 points in total, the player stands. If it is 5 points or less, he/she can be dealt a third card.

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No Commission Baccarat: Frequently Asked Questions

In the No Commission modification. The original 5% fee is taken out of the win if you bet on the banker’s hand and it wins. The odds, however, do not completely change in favor of the player as with a change in commission also comes a change in the house edge of the game.

Unlike poker or blackjack, baccarat is a table game of chance. You only make a choice twice, and this choice can hardly influence the outcome of the game. The first time, you are making a choice while placing the bet on either a Player’s or a Banker’s hand or a tie. Then, in case your first draw amounts to 5 points or less, you may choose to draw a third card.

Check out services at Casoo Casino. This place to bet and win sets an entrance deposit limit at 10 Euros, and also has lots of good promotions.

VBet Live Dealer Casino is friendly to an array of digital currencies, and it also has great ratings online and lots of positive feedback from registered members.

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