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Super Sic Bo Review (EVO)

Sic Bo is an Asian dice game, where players bet on the possible outcomes of three dice rolls.

Meaning Precious Dice in Chinese, Sic Bo is extremely popular in casinos in Macau. It is one of only two common casino games involving dice, the other being Craps.

Early in the 20th century, Chinese immigrants introduced the game to Americans, and it can now be found at casinos across the US too.

Many live casino developers have picked up Sic Bo to provide online casino goers with the chance to play this ancient game. These include PlayTech, Asia Gaming and Microgaming.

One notable absentee from this list was live casino market-leader Evolution Gaming. Only now, have they decided to put their skills into creating a Sic Bo table for live casino fans.

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Casinos Offering This Game

Casino Rating
Live Games

125% up to


Win up to 1,000x With The Side-Bets
Great Quality Stream That Runs 24/7
RTP of 97.22% On The Main Bets
Evolution Gaming have done a great job once again and their Sic Bo is once again the best table choice in its category. If you live in a country where their games are allowed and want to play Sic Bo, this is definitely it. Obviously, also very smooth on mobile devices!
James Hoarden
Expert of live dealer casino games.

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Visuals and Gameplay

The addition of the bonus multipliers made this game a lot more fun than traditional Sic Bo variants for us. This isn’t particularly a game of skill to begin with, so making it even more luck-based and random actually works well in its favour in our opinion.

Players can see the last 12 rolls in the history section at any one time, and the dice are rolled in a clear and easy-to-see manner. However, this does make the live presenter somewhat redundant in gameplay terms.

Mostly, they are there to look nice and announce the bets and winners. Still, that didn’t take away from the enjoyment we had playing this game. The hosts are also always pleasantly dressed in a way that mirrors the Asian red and gold aesthetics of the studio and table.

This title certainly looks good and plays smoothly, in exactly the way you would expect from Evolution.

Super Sic-Bo Compared to Live Roulette and Blackjack?

The ‘Super’ bonus multipliers make Super Sic Bo feel quite similar to Lightning Roulette, except without the lightning theatrics. Although there are basic strategies you can take in both, Sic Bo and Roulette are inherently games of chance rather than skill.

The RTP, or Return-to-Player of Super Sic Bo is a theoretical 97.22%. The bets range from a 95% expected RTP up to 97.22%.

This makes it slightly lower than European roulette, at 97.3%, and way lower than European Blackjack variants which can go as high as 99.6% when played with perfect strategy.

So, if you’re looking for the highest average return, Sic Bo might not be the game for you. But if you want some unique, fun and interesting bets with the potential for truly huge pay-outs – you could do worse than give Evolution’s Super Sic Bo a try.

Other Live Sic Bo Games

Playtech’s Sic Bo title is the most common version found currently on the market at European facing casinos. It has a slightly higher average RTP overall than Super Sic Bo but lacks the potential for life-changing pay-outs without bonus multipliers.

Still, the base game pays slightly more than Evolution’s title – for example, a winning bet on a specific triple on Playtech’s table will pay 180:1 rather than the 150:1 here.

The third most common Sic Bo table found at online live casinos is by Asia Gaming. Their stream quality isn’t quite as high good as Evo or Playtech, and neither is the overall polish of their tables. However, it is quite nice to play an Asian game with Asian dealers and developers for that added authenticity.

Also, their dice container is ridiculously oversized and made us a laugh on our first visit. So there’s that.

How to Play Sic Bo

Evolution’s Sic Bo table uses the same basic Sic Bo rules. Three dice are rolled, in this case inside a transparent plastic dome on the table, and players bet on the different outcomes. This can include individual pairs of dice, the total of all three, or the appearance of one particular number.

The full list of bets is shown below, but also includes:

  • Doubles (any or specific)
  • Triples (any or specific)
  • Odd or Even total
  • High Total (11-17)
  • Low Total (3-11)
  • Individual Numbers
  • Pairs of Numbers

Where Evolution’s Super Sic Bo differs from the classic Sic Bo template, is the extra bonus multipliers.

Each play round, after bets are made, between one and five bet squares will be randomly given a bonus multiplier. They start at 2x and go as high 1000x in some cases.

So, if you get lucky on a triple five bet, for example, with a 1000x modifier on it you could win as much as 150,000 times your bet.

Obviously, this is fairly unlikely. Still it represents a massive pay-out potential – higher than most other live casino games from Evolution, or anyone else.

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125% up to



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