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Baccarat FTV Review

This live dealer game at Fashiontvplay Casino, launched in 2019, is yet another release that comes on the heels of the partnership between the FashionTV Gaming Group (FTVGG) and BetConstruct. Oriented toward players who fancy pure luck and chances over skills and strategy, Baccarat FTV strives to deliver chic and classy online Punto Blanco experience. 

Baccarat FTV has a bit of puzzling partnership background.

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James Hoarden
Expert of live dealer casino games.

Fashiontvplay Casino, which exclusively hosts the game, runs in an exclusive partnership with BetConstruct. FTVGG’s press release, however, notes that this game comes as part of cooperation with Portomaso Gaming. Finally, players’ experience and the outlook of Baccarat FTV fully resemble other BetConstruct’s live dealer games at Fashiontvplay Casino, including featuring four jackpots from this reputable provider. 

One way or the other…

Baccarat FTV comes with noteworthy credentials. Fashiontvplay Casino holds Curacao license in addition to UKAS and SOCOTEC certificates. BetConstruct complies with regulations of MGA, South Africa, Curacao, and UKGC authorities, and holds NMI certification. Portomaso Gaming has an MGA license and AAMS certification from Italy.

Thus, it might be safe to assume that patrons can rely on at least proper levels of fairness while enjoying live dealer baccarat resembling “betting on the toss of a slightly biased coin,” as Wizard of Odds smartly put it.

General rules of Baccarat FTV are rather simple.

They follow the lines of Punto Blanco version of the game, commonly known as North American baccarat. (Two other, much less frequent versions in online casinos might include Baccarat Chemin de Fer or Baccarat Banque, with slightly different rules.)

The croupier deals cards from the eight-deck shoe and places them on the Player or Banker fields at the table.

Patrons don’t play against each other nor house for that matter. Instead, they bet on three possible outcomes of each hand: That the Player or Banker will win, or that the hand will be a Tie.

The object of the game is to win a hand with a value as closest as possible to 9. Aces count as one, ten and face cards equal zero, and all other cards count as their value (e.g., 8=8). If the overall sum of an initial hand is above ten points, patrons subtract ten from such a value, and the reminder presents the outcome (for instance, 6+3+9=18=8).

All patrons — excluding the U.K. players who cannot play at this casino — can put down wagers until the dealer announces ‘No more bet’. Players of Baccarat FTV have approximately 15 seconds to make their call.

That’s it: Punters only make a choice, and the rest is blind luck.

The house edge in Baccarat FTV is three-fold: 1.24% on the Player, 1.06% on the Banker, and whooping 14.36% on Tie.

To juice things up, this game features a plethora of side bets. Players can choose between Banker Pair, Player Pair, Poker Bets, 4-5-6, Perfect Pair, Either Pair, and two Bonus Bets (Tie Bonus and Sum Bonus).

The extensive game information, available to all players in the top right corner of the screen, delves into the rules of each side bet. Player and Banker Pair wagers have a 10.36% house edge.

All betting payouts and table limits vary depending on the bet.

For the main bets, payouts range from 0:95:1 (Banker) and 1:1 (Player) up to 8:1 (Tie). In the case of side bets, they go from 1:1 up to 99:1.

Similarly, table limits for Banker and Player start at €5 and go up to €2,500; on Tie, they spread between €5 and €1,500. Side bets table limits are 5-75€.

While baccarat requires no particular strategy or skills to play, the user interface features several visual representations that might help players make better decisions.

Neatly named Roads, these tools include outcomes’ history and hands’ trends that may be helpful to predict future results. (If you’re into better understanding how such scoreboards work, you can take a look into video tutorial made by Wizard of Odds.) 

Baccarat FTV introduces five different Roads (Roadmaps): the Big Road, Big Eye Boy, Small Road, Cockroach Pig, and the Bead Plate. The information available on a well-written game rules page delves into details of each available Roadmap.

The user interface is minimalistic, clean, and functional — which is expected from an extremely speedy game that sometimes allows for forty to fifty hands played in an hour.

As is the case with other live dealer releases at this casino, the control panel sits in the upper right corner. It includes game settings, information about rules and table limits, plus audio/video settings.

Chat window sits at the top left corner, while the main controls hover at the center of the screen and feature Re-Bet and Undo buttons plus chip denominations.

The bottom segment of UI hosts general info on bets and balance, including the cashier button, as well as the central field to place all bets. The most appealing feature of this module is the extensive Roadmaps panel.

Such disposition puts the dealer and a live feed at the epicenter of this real money game.

The studio is traditionally branded with predominantly black FashionTV visuals and video displays featuring commercials and models walking down the catwalk. Live feed consists of one table only.

All taken into consideration…

To Punto Blanco and fashion devotees, Baccarat FTV brings the best of both worlds. It features a highly popular game with a reputable pedigree spiced up customary Fashiontvplay Casino touch. The single-camera feed allows for good visibility, and the UI has all the necessary information both for beginners and advanced baccarat players.

On the other hand, patrons looking for enthralling brick-and-mortar casino action might find the whole experience somewhat flat. Roadmaps’ feature is great, but to uninitiated, it might be overwhelming, not to mention challenging to read on mobile devices. The latter has nothing to do with the casino or game provider; it’s just the way these tables look. Thus it might be better to indulge in this game on desktop devices only.

Of course…

The most appealing element of any baccarat game is the chance itself and lack of complicated rules or strategy that’s difficult to master. That’s what players seek for in this game.

Baccarat FTV surely checks all boxes, especially when players approach their online sessions responsibly and play well within the limits of their budget.

Considering the essential impact of luck in this game, we can only wish you the very best of it!

  • Punto Blanco based baccarat game with a myriad of betting options
  • Reputable software lineage
  • The usual FTV experience
  • Extended Roadmaps and Trends analytics tool
  • Croupiers are occasionally a tad uninvolving
  • The U.K. punters can’t play this game

“Baccarat FTV is a classic. It has everything you’d expect plus some neat side bet’s additions. To those into Punto Blanco in the first place, this game delivers. Personally, it’s a bit flat for me, but then again, I’m more into other table games. I did, however, like the great game info and Roadmaps: A rather helpful, indeed. While players not accustomed to baccarat might lack more action, Baccarat FTV is a niche addition to live dealer games you should give a try and see for yourself.”

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