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Review and Analysis: Roleta Brasileira ao Vivo Reveja / Playtech

Posted on December 6, 2022 | 6:24 am

There was a time when what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.

Or, to be more accurate, what happened in any one place tended to stay there!

For gamblers (and citizens) of previous eras, while it could be interesting and fun to read about what was going on in other parts of the world, most people tended to live and work for most of their lives fairly close to where they were born. This meant that while the news could be global – and maybe also movies, books, fashion, and/or music too – most of life was local.

The best places to play roulette on the Las Vegas strip didn’t particularly matter for most people! All that mattered was the rules and action at their local casino (if they were lucky enough to have one), as well as any other gaming sites within a day or two’s travel of where they happened to live. What did it matter how folks were playing the game thousands upon thousands of miles away?

Well, that world is gone.

The combined surpremacy of online gambling, social media, and international business interests means that what happens in Vegas…

… tends to flow outward (and back again) into the rest of the world with incredible speed!

Indeed, it doesn’t really matter if you’re talking about online gambling, climate change, the production of modern industrial goods, or the spread of Covid-19! In the modern world, all life is global. And so, too, is all business!

Which means: so, too, is all gambling.

If there’s a way to summarize all of that in just one gambling release, it has to be Playtech’s Roleta Brasileiria ao Vivo Revenja.

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Playtech: Leaders in Global Inter-connectivity

playtech_leaders_in_global_inter_connectivityThat ultra-heavy-hitter Playtech has devoted such resources to the Brazilian market proves the entire case in point!

Not content to have released some of the definitive powerhouse titles of live dealer gaming in our era in the English language, they are have now extended their live dealer catalog to reach other gamblers in their native languages, too.

This is part and parcel of the larger trend in the online casino industry – all of a sudden, big companies have realized that there people love their gambling hobby all over the world…

… and that there’s a lot of money to be made in serving markets beyond North America and Western Europe.

This trend has revealed itself in the expansion and collaboration among top brands (such as Playtech) to better reach global markets.

It can also be seen in the rise of traditionally non-Western games, such as Andar Bahar, among Western providers!

In this new world, it should come as no surprise that native English speakers may want to consider playing some non-English tables. After all, the pleasures of big payouts transcend national and cultural boundaries!

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What’s New in Rio

So let’s get down to the details. What does Roleta Brasileira have to offer?

In short, the gaming substance is more or less identical to the English language Playtech Live Roulette offering. In other words, it’s one of the best options out there…

… but this time, presented entirely in Brazilian Portuguese.

For those keeping score at home, this includes live chat with dealers as well as with other players. Of course, as in any other Playtech title, the text language can be selected from over 20 options, ranging from Bulgarian to Vietnamese and back again. Of course, English is included among these options.

This means a European Wheel, as well as its outstanding 2.7% house edge. The minimum bet is very approachable at $0.50, with a maximum reaching $500 per spin.

All the standard bets are available; when switching to Racetrack View, it’s easy to make less common (though still standard) bets, such as Orphans and Neighbors.

One nice feature is the Bet Creator mode, whereby players can make “wager presets” consisting of multiple bets which can then be saved and re-deployed with a single click.

Also noteworthy is the Lucky Dip button, which randomly places a Straight Up wager should players suffer a moment of doubt but not wish to sit out the round.

Besides those, there’s not much in the way of special features or bonuses. We must admit that we appreciate Playtech not including any side bets here – while gimmicky wagers can be fun from time to time, these side wagers are generally put in place to entice poorly-informed gamblers away from the wagers that give them the best chances of winning, and towards options that are more likely to fill the casino’s coffers.

With that said, while it’s nice to see a straightforward title without too many (potentially predatory) bells and whistles, it might have been nice to see one or two small details that made this title truly unique.

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Nosso Veredicto

Of course, to gamblers whose native language is Brazilian Portuguese, this title is already unique in the best way possible: there is finally a top-tier live dealer roulette option from a blue chip designer in their mother tongue!

Still, you don’t have to be Brazilian (or even to speak Portuguese) to enjoy playing this title.

Even in today’s globalized and hyper-competitive market, a truly well-made live dealer game is hard to come by.

If you see Roleta Brasileira in any casino lobby, you can be assured of a quality gambling experience. That is worth its weight in uoro!

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