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BetGames.TV Casinos & Games for UK Players

About The Company

BetGamesTV was founded in 2012, quickly developing into an organisation employing 100 professionals and serving customers in more than 40 countries around the world.

Extensive experience of the two CEOs in the betting industry certainly helped, as did support offered by investors with over 50 years’ experience in the lottery business.

This Malta-based developer has taken a different approach to live gaming and as a result delivers a range of very unique gambling options, all streamed live from studios in Malta and Lithuania.

They also boast a long list of reputable partners, among which are Betsson, Jetbull and Leo Vegas. The company is licensed in the UK, Malta and Curacao.

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Quick Facts


Games Offered By BetGames

BetGamesTV features a portfolio unlike any other. The company currently offers a selection of 9 different products, three of which are lottery-style games, two are games played with dice, and one is a wheel of fortune variant – all broadcasted every 3 to 5 minutes from the developer’s studios.

The remaining three, streamed 24/7, are your more classic casino games – Bet On Poker, Bet On Baccarat, and War of Bets. Streaming quality is high, there’s no freezing, and audio and video are well synchronised.

The developer has found a unique solution for betting controls, and rather than including them within the live feed area like the other do, they opted for a list displayed below the screen, kind of like a sportsbook betting slip.

Lobby is as simple as can be, presenting games in a single line without any additional information except for the time left before the next round starts (where applicable).

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Frequently Asked Questions About BetGames

BetGamesTV Live Lucky 5

In Live Lucky 5, five winning balls out of 36 are randomly drawn every 5 minutes. A betting round lasts about four minutes and players can place their bets on one or more of the available outcomes. These include one, two or three specific numbers, more odd or more even numbered balls, sum of the numbers (odd /even, less or more than 92.5), and a whole range of combinations involving colours (white, blue, green and red). For some reason, the set-up has been made to look as if the game was taking place at a golfing course.

Live Lucky 6 is a game variant with 6 balls randomly drawn out of 60. There are 30 red and 30 blue balls numbered from 0 to 9, and 3 zones they can fall into. One is offered to bet on numbers for each of the zones, count, colours (sum of red / blue numbers, sum per zone), odd / even, and the total sum. Space occupied by the equipment and the presenter looks like an inside of a ship or a submarine, which is another curious choice.

Live Lucky 7 draws 7 numbers out of 42 and uses 21 yellow and 21 black balls numbered from 1 to 42. Players can bet on numbers, black / yellow balls totals, total sum, total count, odd / even, and a few more colour combinations. We’re not sure what the set-up is supposed to mimic – are we once again inside a submarine, or a nuclear power plant… Your guess is as good as ours.

BetGamesTV Live Dice

The game is played with 5 dice which the presenter places in a box, shuffles, and rolls onto the table. There is only one betting round which lasts about 2 minutes, and a long list of winning outcomes which include a pair, two pairs, three-of-a-kind, low line (1-5), high line (2-6), three-of-a-kind plus a pair, four-of-a-kind, and five-of-a-kind. Players can additionally bet on numbers (the ones rolled or not rolled), odd / even, and the total sum.

The game plays super-fast, with the presenter tossing the dice in a conical-shaped container, calling the results and then switching off abruptly, leaving you to figure out how much you’ve won or lost.

Live Dice Duel is an even simpler game which uses one red and one blue dice. There are 36 possible outcomes created by colour / number combination. One can bet on red or blue dice displaying higher value or a tie, a specific number rolled by one or both dice, odd / even number on either or both, and totals. Set-up is the same as with the above mentioned dice game, and it looks to be hosted by the same presenter. This obviously means the two games don’t play simultaneously and you can keep switching from one to another if you wish.

BetGamesTV Live Wheel of Fortune

Live Wheel of Fortune is a fast, simple game featuring a wheel divided into 19 sectors which are numbered 0 to 18 or marked with a special symbol. The outcomes one can bet on are individual numbers, odd / even, and colour (black, red, grey, or cup icon). Before the game starts, panel on the left displays the remaining time, results of the last 5 draws, and top 3 winnings. Once the counter reaches zero, video feed fills the entire screen and displays the wheel and the presenter set against yet another creative background. The camera doesn’t move, but a separate close-up of the clapper has been provided to make the winning number clearly visible.

BetGamesTV Live Bet On Baccarat

Live Bet On Baccarat uses the same rules as classic Baccarat / Punto Banco game, with a single difference being multiple betting rounds. The first takes place before any cards have been revealed, the second follows once the Player receives the first card, and the third after a card has been dealt to the Banker. Participants can place optional side bets, namely Player / Banker Pair, Either Pair, Perfect Pair, Big and Small. They can also bet on colour (more red or black cards, equal number, or next card being red or black), suit (all cards being of same suit, Player’s / Banker’s first 3 cards of same suit, or the next card being spade, heart, club or diamond), as well as the total  of Player’s  and / or Banker’s points.

The game is played in an electric-blue, futuristic looking environment, with oversized cards dealt on a table of an unusual shape. One can display overview of side bets (odds and results) and all roadmaps, adjust video quality, and mute sound. Numerous betting options are listed below the screen, and having chosen one, you’ll be prompted to select the size of your wager (ranging from €1 to €100 at MarsBet) and confirm the bet.

BetGamesTV Live Bet On Poker

Live Bet On Poker plays with rules similar to those of Texas Hold’em, but unlike most live games of the same kind, one plays against other players and not the dealer. There are 6 player positions and an individual can bet on the hand they believe will win and / or the value of the winning hand. There are four betting rounds with odds updated after each. The table is placed in what looks like a classy mansion library, though one can hear voices of other dealers occupying the same space. Oversized cards are used to ensure visibility.

You’ll find a collapsible overview of card rankings and their respective odds displayed to the left and the right of the dealer, and the only other options offered within the same screen are video and audio controls. Range of betting options is displayed separately, and as with Live Baccarat, one chooses what to bet on before deciding on the value of their stake. At MarsBet, players are offered to bet between €1 and €100.

BetGamesTV Live War of Bets

To our knowledge, BetGamesTV is the only developer offering Live War of Bets. This unique card game features two sides, the Player and the Dealer, and a simple mechanism in which the higher card wins. When the two cards happen to be of the same value, it’s “war”. The first betting round takes place before any cards have been dealt.

The difference to Baccarat games is that each side receives only one card. After the Player has been dealt theirs, odds are updated and the second round of bets can be placed. Participants can bet on Dealer, Player or War outcome, colour of either hand, suit, or value.

Table is designed to look like an old map pirates would use, while background features windows looking out to the ocean. On-screen options include nothing more than video and audio controls, with the betting slip presented underneath.


FAQs about BetGamesTV Live Product

Rather than trying to offer more of the same and do it better, BetGamesTV has opted for something completely different. It’s quite clever as it doesn’t make them go head-to-head with the industry leaders and gives them a unique niche in the market. The company has done an equally good job when it comes to quality of the games.

Streaming quality is above average, the betting interface is cleverly designed, and there are a zillion betting options offered in every single game. A live chat feature is not supported which is a shame because, although you’re unlikely to miss it with the likes of Lucky 5 and Wheel of Fortune, it could come in handy when playing Baccarat and Poker variants.

Ladies employed by BetGamesTV look like glam models rather than dealers, but don’t let that fool you. All are clearly well trained and have mastered the game they’re hosting. Other than being attractive, you’ll find them to be classy, charming, and easy to understand. Some are soft spoken and you may need to turn the volume up in order to hear what they’re saying.

Each and every one of BetGamesTV’s products can be accessed on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as desktops. You can play in either landscape or portrait mode, and in this particular case you’ll find both equally practical.

This probably has a lot to do with the execution of the betting interface; it’s easy to scroll down the list and place bets of your choice, then scroll back up to give the video feed as much space as you need to observe how the game develops.

As far as we can tell, the only language you’ll hear the dealers and presenters communicate in is English. However, game interface supports more than 30 languages so you’re likely to understand what’s going on even if you mute the sound.

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