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Live Dealer Lottery Games

Anyone here not familiar with how lottery functions? You’ve got a bunch of numbered balls thrown into a drum before one or another kind of mix & suck mechanism randomly draws several of them out.

Chances are we’ve all played lottery at some point in our lives, either buying a pre-filled ticket or filling one on our own, and then waiting for a public draw to tells us if we managed to guess the winning numbers or not. Recognising how popular lottery is all over the world, couple of software developers decided to offer a similar experience online and expand their assortment of live dealer games with lottery-style ones.

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Developers and Game Variants

Lucky 5 / 6 / 7 by BetGamesTV

Instead of having to wait for days for a national lottery draw to take place, BetGamesTV makes it possible to participate in multiple ones during a period of only 24 hours. The developer offers not one but three different lottery games with live draws taking place every 5 minutes or so.

Live Lucky 5 uses a set of 36 white, blue, red and green balls numbered 1 to 36. The drum holds 9 balls of each colour and five are randomly drawn into separate cylinders. The combination of numbers and colours allows for more than 90 different outcomes to wager on, all displayed on a bet slip positioned below live feed. This is a highly convenient tool for choosing one’s bets and selecting the size of their wager. Players can bet on a certain number appearing on one, two or three balls or not at all, more odd or more even numbered balls, their sum being odd / even or lower / higher than a predetermined value, and a whole range of options linked to a specific colour. The highest odds of 1,000:1 are paid for the outcome of 5 balls of identical colour.

Instead of offering the usual TV studio, the presenter and the drum have been placed in an environment made to look like a golf course. Gameplay is fast, leaving you enough time between the draws to check if and how much you’ve won and place the next round of wagers. Buttons provided at the very top offer access to game rules, your own betting history, and results page which includes a video of the draw in question.Live Lucky 6 plays with a set of 60 balls numbered from 0 to 9, half of them being red and the other half blue. The outcome of a random draw is 6 winning balls drawn into A, B and C zones. Consequently, there are close to 40 different wagering options on offer.

Players can bet on the selected ball dropping into zone A, B or C, count of the lucky balls with the chosen number, sum of the numbers related to either colour or zone, a range of odd / even outcomes, and the total sum being over or under a specified value. For this particular game, the developer has used a studio which looks like a bank vault, perhaps to indicate there’s hefty winnings to be claimed. While waiting for a new round to start, you can examine the outcome of last 5 rounds or use Results tab to go as far back as you wish and replay the video of the chosen draw.

Live Lucky 7 randomly draws 7 winning balls out of 42 coloured either black or yellow and marked with numbers 1 to 42. Betting slip displays about 70 betting options, including one to five numbers, black / yellow balls total, total sum, count per colour, a variety of odd / even outcomes, and colour of the first / last ball drawn. The highest payout one can look forward to is a generous 2,000:1.

Bet On Numbers

Meantime, Ezugi offers Live Bet On Numbers streamed from their Baltic studio and using 49 red and white balls. Live draw which takes place every 4 to 6 minutes results in 6 winning balls drawn with the help of an attractive presenter. Players are offered to choose between 36 different combinations involving numbers, sums and colours. The highest odds of 1,999:1 are attached to the selected number appearing on four of the balls. The game is available 24/7 so one can theoretically play all day long.

Unlike variants offered by BetGamesTV, Ezugi’s game allows one to chat with the dealer. Players can additionally access game and bet history, choose and save their favourite bets, and adjust the quality of video and audio.

Live Keno

As far as we know, Ezugi is currently the only developer offering Live Keno. Broadcasted from their Latvian studio, the game welcomes an unlimited number of players and comes complete with an intuitive interface which supports Live Chat option. You’ll see 20 balls drawn from a total of 80 and have the opportunity to bet on up to 8 numbers before the draw starts. Multiple tickets can be used for each.

If you do choose to wager on maximum allowed, be ready to see zero return on three hits and claim 4:1 on four, 15:1 on five, 50:1 on six, 200:1 on seven, and as much as 1,500:1 on all eight. „Pick for me“ icon will randomly choose the numbers for you in case you can’t make up your mind. Players can also view past results, their bet history and payouts, read through game rules, adjust video and audio settings, and save and then reuse favourite bets. The game is available 24/7, with live draws taking place every 3 minutes.

Where to Play Live Dealer Lottery

You’ll find all mentioned live lottery-style games available at TonyBet. While the operator offers a large selection of slots from Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go and IGT, their focus is on table games, particularly live ones.

That’s why you’ll find more than 100 of those hosted by live dealers and provided courtesy of Evolution Gaming, BetGamesTV and NetEnt. Excellent game tutorials are there to help you get started, and the Casino’s support team readily available to offer assistance 24/7 via Live Chat and email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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