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Live Dealer Games With Dice

When developers started offering live casino games to play online, they focused on the most popular ones, namely Roulette and Blackjack. It took a while for the very first live dice game to hit the market and the choice still remains relatively limited in comparison.

However, it does not mean fans have few options to choose from. A number of developers have included Sic Bo into their live dealer portfolio, and there are several other game variants players can enjoy while facing a live host.

They all have the same goal – guess the outcome of a dice roll, but feature different betting options and related payouts.

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Developers and Game Variants

While at least six different developers provide Live Sic Bo, none currently offer Live Craps. Some time ago the latter was part of Vivo Gaming’s portfolio but the game is now nowhere to be found, though the company still presents it on their website. It could be that complex Craps gameplay attracted fewer players and made Sic Bo the preferred choice of both dice game fans and software developers. Either way, if your heart is set on placing Pass and Don’t Pass bets, you’ll have no choice but to leave your home and go find the nearest brick-and-mortar casino. In meantime, we’ll take a look at Live Sic Bo games available online, along with a few other ones using dice and featuring a live host.

Live Sic Bo

Playtech’s Sic Bo uses a glass container to shake the 3 dice and deliver a winning combination. An elaborate betting layout is superimposed over the purple top of the physical table and used for placing wagers. You’ll see the results of previous rounds continuously displayed in the upper right corner, and a close up of the glass dome on the left-hand side. There is a whole range of bets players can pick from. Small and Big bets pay even money when the total sum is 4 to 10 and 11 to 17 respectively, while neither will win if all 3 dice show the same number. Bets placed on a specific number pay 1:1 when that number appears on one dice only, 2:1 when it appears on two of them, and 3:1 if all three show it. There are 15 possible two-dice combos to wager on and receive a payout of 5:1. Placing Total bet means you’ll want the total sum to be a certain value between  4 and 17, with respective payouts ranging from 6:1 to 60:1 depending on the sum. One can place a Double Bet and wager on a specific pair to win 10:1, Any Triple bet which wins when all three dice show the same number and pays 30:1, and a Triple bet on a specific triple paying as much as 180:1. The game features an RTP of 97.3%, supports Live Chat functionality, and allows players to tip the dealer. Bet365 offers a table with limits of €5 to €200. Live Sic Bo from Opus Gaming comes with the same assortment of wagering options though with somewhat lower payouts than Playtech’s variant. Even / Odd and Small / Big bets pay even money, Total bet payouts go only up to 50:1, while Specific Triples pay 150:1 instead of 180:1. As soon as the shaking action begins, camera will zoom in on the glass container to provide a good view of the dice and the dealer’s cleavage at the same time. You’ll also see animated dice rolling onto the table and thus enhancing authenticity of your gaming experience.  Big / Small, Odd / Even, Sum and Dice roadmaps can be displayed at the bottom of the screen and hidden when it’s time to place wagers. Icons on top are used to view past results, check table limits, and choose another game to play simultaneously. Sic Bo playing at Dafabet comes with limits of €1 to €5,000. Live Sic Bo by AllBet uses an oversized table sharing the floor with other developer’s live games. The dealer will push a button to get the dice rolled with the help of an automatic transparent shaker.  Big and Small bets pay even money, Specific Triples win 150:1, and Any Triple 24:1. Players can additionally wager on One Dice (pays 1:1), Specific Double (8:1), Two Dice Combination (5:1), Sum of all three dice being Odd or Even (1:1), or a value of 4 to 17 (paying between 6:1 and 50:1). Scorecard displayed at the bottom of the screen shows past Odd / Even and Big / Small outcomes, sums and individual numbers. The game with an RTP of 97.22% is available at Dafabet with limits of €5 to €500. Asia Gaming also provides Live Sic Bo though their variant doesn’t offer much to make it stand out. One of the disadvantages is that rules are not accessible from within the game, and information on payouts available only next to respective wagering options presented on the betting layout and not easy to read. You’ll find the usual bet types, with Big / Small paying 1:1, Total bet delivering between 1:6 and 1:50, and Specific Triples winning up to 150:1. Using the Statistics panel displayed at the bottom, one can see past outcomes, either Even / Odd, Big / Small, totals, or numbers. A large video of the glass container used to shake the dice has been placed smack in the middle of the screen. The table available at Dafabet offers players to wager a minimum of €2 and a maximum of €5,000. Gold Deluxe Live Sic Bo offers you 30 seconds to place bets, after which the camera will zoom in on the glass dome to make the outcome perfectly visible. At the same time, computer-generated animation “rolls” the dice onto the table while winning numbers and combinations get highlighted. Statistics of the last 6 rounds display individual dice numbers, their sum, as well as Big / Small outcomes. At Dafabet there are several betting limits to choose from, ranging from only €1 and going up to €20,000. Live Sic Bo by Sunbet features a minimized live feed positioned in the top left corner with past results shown on the right. The dealer silently sits next to a tiny table holding the container and nothing else, while wagers are placed via a digital betting table occupying the bottom half of the screen. Small and Big Bet payoff ratio is 1:1, Number bets pay either 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 depending on the number of dice showing the one you’ve chosen, Pair bets win 5:1, Total bets pay between 6:1 and 60:1, Any Triples 30:1, and Specific Triples 180:1. Limits at Dafabet start at €1 and go as high as €20,000.

Live Dice and Live Dice Duel

BetGamesTV provides two alternative, super-fast dice games. They both play from a studio made to look like a stage and come with a very convenient bet slip with a list of all available wagers. Betting round lasts no more than 2 minutes which allows a new game to start every 3 minutes. Live Dice is played with 5 standard dice the presenter drops into a box, shuffles, and rolls onto a conical-shaped table. Players can bet on a number of combinations, including one and two pairs, three, four and five-of-a-kind, any pair plus any triple, and a sequence of 1 to 5 or 2 to 6. They can also place wagers on specific numbers being rolled on one, two or three dice, totals being higher or lower than predetermined values, and several Odd / Even outcomes. Live Dice Duel plays with only two dice, a red and a blue one. Betting slip displays 28 wagering options, including red or blue dice winning or the two showing the same number, specific number rolled on either or both, Odd / Even numbers and sums, and a whole variety of totals. Dice Duel doesn’t play simultaneously with Live Dice which makes it possible to keep popping back and forth from one game to another.

Where to Play Live Dice Games

Your choice of an online casino at which to play Live Dice games is necessarily dependent on which of the mentioned ones you like the best. If a fast-paced gaming experience is what you’re looking for, why not try unique variants offered by BetGamesTV at Jetbull. The Casino offers an impressive choice of live dealer games and more than 200 tables provided by no less than 11 different developers. As soon as you open an account and log in, you’ll get to access their individual lobbies and launch the game of your choice. A deposit needs to be made before placing a bet, but feel free to observe the action and explore wagering options prior to trying your luck with real cash.

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