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Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Casinos & Games for India

About The Company

As you start looking at Live Casino software solutions that are available in the industry, one thing becomes very clear. Evolution Gaming leads the way in this space with their award winning B2B live casino services that not only help operators become successful, but offer a wonderful experience for players as well. Evolution Gaming was introduced and formally launched in 2006.

The company is located in Riga, Latvia where they have build their first and largest studio. This facility has well over 100 tables and is known as the largest live casino operation in Europe. They have also expanded their operations to other locations worldwide such as Malta, Aalst and a few brick and mortar casinos in Europe.

Their focus so far has largely been on the European market but they do also cater to other parts of the world. The Evolution Gaming team has grown to over 2740 full time employees and employs another 800 or so on a part time basis.

As for company revenues, Evolution has increased their revenues drastically over the years and reported EUR 115.5 million in 2016. They provide live casino services to over 100 operators both online and at land based casinos.

Their team is constantly looking to grow and get their software into new casinos to fulfill their company goal of being the “leading live casino provider in the world.” Let’s now take a look at the wide selection of live casino games and casinos they have to offer.

Indian players will be glad to learn that Evolution Gaming are going to launch live dealer blackjack and roulette with native Hindi speaking dealers until Q3 of this year.

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Quick Facts

Latvia, Canada, UK

Tables Offered By Evolution Gaming

Probably the most important quality of a live casino software provider is the game selection. Do they offer the casino games that players have learned to love? What kind of special options and bonuses to they have within their games? Evolution Gaming is above everyone else in this category and as you will see above — their selection and quality of games is unmatched in the industry.

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Detailed Information On Evolution Gaming

Finally, let’s talk about Live Dream Catcher. Have you ever been to a real casino and seen the BIG WHEEL that looks like Wheel of Fortune. Well, that’s what we have here.

Dream Catcher lets you choose 6 numbers from 52 segments. The live presenter than spins the wheel and if your number is landed on, you win.

You can apply multipliers such as 2x and 7x to increase the amount you risk and ultimately the amount you can win.

Dream Catcher runs 24×7. We played for quite awhile and was blown away with how visually stunning the game is. The streaming was perfect and the presenter was gorgeous, enthusiastic and inviting.

Game play was super quick as the wheel seemed to be spun multiple times in a minute. It’s truly one of those games that you could play for hours upon hours.

Most of the games we have discussed above can be found in some manner at most live dealer casinos, regardless of the software provider. But Live Caribbean Stud Poker is different.

Evolution Gaming offers the only live version of Caribbean Stud amongst all of the major licensed live casino providers.

Their version of the game features one playing view, uses one deck that is shuffled each hand, and has a number of side bets and optional jackpots.

The 5+1 Bonus Side Bet is optional and can pay up to 1000-1 to a winning hand. Plus, the Progressive Jackpot pays out on a Royal Flush. The jackpot prize money increases as the hands are played.

Caribbean Stud poker isn’t quite as popular as Texas Hold’em poker — but it’s nice to have the option at Evolution Gaming powered casinos.

Three card poker is another popular casino game that is faster paced than texas hold’em and, again, is played against the dealer.

The Evolution Gaming live three card poker is offered in both Classic and 3D views, as is the case with many other games. One deck is used and then shuffled after each hand.

There are a few side bets available within the game play such as Pairs Plus which could pay up to 100-1 and 6 Card Bonus which potentially pays 1000-1.

Both beginning players and expert players will enjoy the live version of three card poker. We only played for a short period of time but noticed that the dealers did a great job keeping the pace high.

Offering the “Ante Bonus” was a cool thing for players as well. If you get a straight or better you win a bonus, regardless of the dealers final hand.

The final version of Texas Hold’em offered by Evolution Gaming is “Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker”. With this you have an optional bonus side bet that can pay up to 1000-1 on a winning hand.

You still bet after each dealing round up to 4X the ante in total. The “bonus” part of the game pays out for 2 card hands, such as pairs and other high value hands.

The optional progressive jackpot is in play for bonus poker as well.

All in all, as we played the three versions of live Hold’em, we didn’t notice a lot of difference between the three. You can enjoy the game with any one of the variations.

The dealers were super friendly, knowledgeable and easy to understand. They always took the time to interact with new players as they sat down at the table. Good job Evolution Gaming on getting it right with live texas hold’em!

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em with Evolution Gaming is another version of this popular game. Only 1 view is available here and again all of the standard hold’em rules apply.

They offer side bets such as the “Trips Bonus” which gives you extra payout on trips. You can also bet 4X the Ante if you bet early enough in the hand.

This is the most standard version of Texas Hold’em that you think of in most casinos. The one big difference is you are playing against the dealer — not the other players.

With Live Casino Hold’em you still get the option of a classic or 3D view. The game is played with one deck that will be shuffled by the dealer after each and every hand.

There are many options you can choose if you want to increase your upside, such as Progressive Jackpot and Jumbo 7. These both give you a shot at winning big prize money at the live table.

We have said it already once, but keep in mind, you are playing against the dealer. This is great for operators as they can have unlimited number of players going up against a dealer at one time, but it definitely takes away a little of the competitive aspect of poker.

Baccarat is another game offered in the live casinos powered by Evolution Gaming and William Hill even have their own branded table. Even though this game might not be for everyone, it’s still a strategic game that many regularly enjoy around the world.

With baccarat, you will have the choice of classic or 3D view, and the table uses 8 decks from a manual shoe. Evolution Gaming has “Optional Bankers” and “Players Pairs” side bets available if you so choose.

One of the best features is the many baccarat roadmaps available such as Big Road, Small Road, Big Eye Boy and Cockroach Road.

Evolution Gaming also offers “Live Baccarat Squeeze” which is a multi camera setup that is meant to capture EVERY detail of the game. For those of you that play baccarat you know that the squeeze is the most important part of the game. 15+ cameras will give you EVERY angle and close ups as the dealer performs the squeeze.

Another option offered is the Player Controlled Baccarat Squeeze. In this version, as the title states, the players take control of the squeeze themselves.

As we played live baccarat we noticed the sharp looking “bean shaped” tables. Cards were dealt face down and it was awesome having such a big choice of roadmaps and side bets.

If you are interested in a quicker moving baccarat game you can even try “Live Speed Baccarat”, which will go at a faster pace.

Evolution Gaming does a good job making the experience great for every type of player, from the first time baccarat player to the super fanatic expert.

Blackjack is one of the most commonly played games in any casino these days. People love the game and want to get those 21s!

Playing live blackjack with Evolution Gaming technology is nearly as fun as doing it in real life. In some cases, we found it to be a faster and better experience than playing at a real land based casino.

Like roulette, the blackjack game also has two viewing modes called “Classic and 3D” for you to choose from. They have two types of games — one called “Live Blackjack” and the other called “Blackjack Party”.

Live Blackjack is the standard game that you know and love. It’s a 7 seat game, played with the current Las Vegas rules where the dealer takes two cards. It’s played with an eight deck manual shoe and the dealer must stand on all 17’s.

As a player, you can double on any number but you can NOT double on splits. You only get one card when you split aces which is a standard blackjack rule. Evolution Gaming live blackjack also offers Perfect Pairs, Bet Behind and 21+3 side bets to make things even more exciting.

Blackjack Party is a variation of their live blackjack that offers a low stake game in more of a “party” atmosphere. You will get entertaining music and very fun dealers in the Blackjack Party version. If you are looking for a little more excitement give this a try.

Remember, blackjack in general is one of the games that has some of the lowest house odds of all the games. As we played, we decided to jump around from table to table to get a true feel for the dealers. Each one of them had great English and seemed super engaging to all the players.

Jump in and give the Evolution Gaming live blackjack a try to experience a truly great game that makes you feel like you are IN the action.

If you like the game of roulette you might just fall in love with the live version offered by Evolution Gaming.

They offer a number of different variations of roulette including: Immersive, Immersive Lite, European Roulette, Speed Roulette, French Roulette, Live Double Ball Roulette, Dual Play Roulette, Mini Live Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette & American Roulette.

As is the case with many of their live games, they offer most of these in both 3D and Classic viewing mode for players. Another cool feature is what they call “Dual Play Roulette” that joins land based casino players and online live casino players into the same game.

Some of the other features offered in the Evolution Gaming live roulette games are: in game chat, game history, detailed statistics, hot & cold number charts, favorite bets and a slick mobile play interface. Evolution also offers multilingual tables for international roulette players to enjoy from nearly any locality.

As we played live roulette at one of the online casinos using Evolution Gaming software we noticed a few things that were impressive. The “host” responsible for spinning the wheel and calling the game was very personable and spoke fluent English.

We were impressed with the level of interaction between the host and the new players joining the game. It was a very fun experience and certainly a better way to play roulette if you are looking for more social casino aspects.

The flow of the game was smooth too. The ball spun around the wheel nicely and the streaming was not choppy at all. The host kept the game going at a nice pace, making it enjoyable to play. All in all, playing live roulette at an Evolution Gaming table was a top tier live casino experience.

Platform Overview

This day and age it’s important to offer solutions across many different platforms. Evolution Gaming does just that. Not only do they have a great solution for the desktops and laptops, but they have done a great job building out their mobile platform.

They support both iOS and Android devices for smartphones and tablets. Evolution Gaming also has a browser edition plus a native app can be used.

The mobile experience is perfectly optimized for the OS and device being used. Switching between devices is no problem as we tried playing on our desktop from a browser and then quickly from the IOS phone. Seamless and flawless.

Another cool feature offered for the desktop players is the “Multi Screen Option” that lets you play up to four screens at a time. You may want to make this “Full Screen” mode to ensure you can see all of the tables. But if multi-tabling is your thing, Evolution Gaming allows it.

Evolution Gaming is ahead of the rest with their mobile solution, further proving why they are the leader in this space.

Dealers at Evolution Gaming

We spoke a bit about the dealers above as we went through each game. But now let’s talk about our general consensus in dealing with the dealers across the board. The dealer interaction was more than I thought it would be. At every game, the dealers did a great job of talking to players and saying hello as new players joined.

There were even a few cases where the dealers remembered a player from a previous session. That’s one thing you never can get at a standard casino, but you can at a live dealer casino. The English language was very good by every dealer we experienced. Some had a bit more of an accent than others, but all were easily understandable. Dealers were dressed to impress and all seemed to be professionals and good looking individuals.

We found it neat that you could see three or four dealers at a time in the background — and every dealer we saw was doing a great job. Engaging and “attractive” dealers is a huge selling point for all casinos. Evolution Gaming has made it a point to invest in some of the best live dealers around. Props once again!

What Sets Evolution Gaming Apart

As we come to a conclusion in this Evolution Gaming review, we want to recap some of the selling points that makes Evolution Gaming different from the rest. The large number of classic casino games offered in the “live dealer” format is a huge plus. Most live dealer software solutions provide the standard games, but Evolution Gaming goes above and beyond to offer some things that others simply don’t.

All of their games offer multiple variations as well. This gives players more options as to what type of live dealer game they want to play. What stakes, what bonuses, what side bets, and so on. The presentation from the tables, to the casino decor to the dealers is very high quality.

Not every live casino provider can say that — but we can confidently say Evolution Gaming games & dealers are pleasing to the eye. There is a reason that Evolution Gaming was named the “Live Casino Supplier of the Year” 7 out of 7 times at the EGR B2B Awards.

They want to be considered the leaders in the industry, and we are on board, they are the best in the live casino business for now.  

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