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Best Live Dealer Baccarat Tables for Players in India

Posted on August 7, 2019 | 11:19 am
best live baccarat tables for players in India

Baccarat is not only one of the simplest casino games but also features higher RTP than most (apart from blackjack). These two facts will easily explain why it attracts so many Indian players eager to place real money wagers online and get dealt in by a live dealer.

Having bet on Banker, Player or Tie, one can sit back and watch the game develop according to preset rules; standard Baccarat doesn’t ask you to make any decisions other than which of the three possible outcomes to wager on.

If you want to make the game more interesting and benefit from a bigger win potential, there are value-added variants frequently featured at Indian online casinos. We’ve tested them all and are happy to share our findings.

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Live Baccarat Squeeze

Evolution Gaming has thus far launched several Live Baccarat variants and among them one called Squeeze. It’s played at a bean-shaped table located in a studio with colors and design elements that tastefully hint of the game’s Asian origin and create the ambiance of a top Asian casino.

Unlike the standard game variant, this one celebrates the squeeze ritual which increases both suspense and authenticity. Your dealer will quickly reveal the hand associated with lower total bet value and show you partial views of the cards associated with the bigger total wager before revealing them fully.

By using more than 15 cameras on a single table, Evolution is able to deliver tantalizing views of the squeeze and keep players constantly engaged.

The game incorporates a choice of roads (Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road) as well as optional side bets. Player Pair and Banker Pair win when the first two cards dealt to the respective hand form a pair and pay 11:1. Perfect Pair pays as much as 200:1 if two identical cards (same value, same suit) are dealt to both Banker and the Player. Player/Banker Bonus wins with a natural 8 or 9, or by at least 4 points and pays up to 30:1. 

The way Live Baccarat Squeeze looks and plays is just as impressive as with any other Evolution Gaming product. HD video is of TV quality and never, ever freezes. The dealer’s voice comes through loud and clear. It’s always easy to understand what’s being said thanks to ladies and gentlemen fluent in English.

Betting tools and statistics are displayed below live feed so they don’t obstruct the view, and all in-game options accessible via discreet icons in the upper right corner. You can use them to start chatting, change views, adjust video quality and read rules. The game has a high RTP of 98.94% based on optimal strategy for Banker bet.

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Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a two-card version of Baccarat with a single card dealt to each of the two competing hands — the Dragon and the Tiger. Both hands pay even money. Tie bet is an optional side wager which pays 11:1 if the Dragon and the Tiger cards are equal in rank. Because the game uses 8 decks, it’s also possible to bet on a Suited Tie (cards equal in both rank and suite) and win 50:1 as the result.

The design of the studio is truly stunning; you’ll see the same red and gold elements as when playing Evolution’s standard Live Baccarat with the addition of dragon and tiger glass statues that light up according to the outcome of the round.

This is a fast-paced game in which each round, owing to a very simple mechanism, lasts only 25 seconds. It incorporates the same goodies as standard Baccarat including statistics presented via Baccarat-like roads. Return-to-player is 96.27%, a bit lower than standard game variant offered by the same developer.

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Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

If you enjoy the squeeze ritual, make sure to try Evolution’s Live Baccarat Control Squeeze which lets players do the squeezing. The host will deal cards face-down onto a glass panel but they won’t be immediately readable owing to optical filters which obstruct the view.

Before the dealer turns cards over, players are given a chance to tap on the corner of each card and “peel off” the overlay. One can win more by placing Pairs and/or Banker/Player optional side bets.

Evolution Gaming presents Baccarat Control Squeeze as an authentic “Macau-like VIP gaming experience” and that’s hard to argue with; the game looks fantastic in terms of the design and streaming quality no matter which device you use, and being able to slowly reveal cards by yourself is a rarely available treat when playing online. RTP is 98.94%, same as in the standard game variant.

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Live Speed Baccarat

Live Speed Baccarat is a variant created for those that wish to exploit more betting opportunities within the same period of time. While in Evolution’s standard Live Baccarat a round lasts 48 seconds, its Speed alternative completes it in only 27 seconds.

Dealers all look to be well trained but a few of them have really impressed us with swift hand movements indicating a lot of experience in this fast-paced game. Players still get to bet on Pairs, Player and Banker Bonus (though the choice of optional wagers may vary depending on the casino operator), as well as enjoy high-quality stream and Evolution’s user-friendly interface with useful in-game options.

Many Indian friendly online casinos have included Evolution’s Salon Prive filled with VIP tables. Not only do they feature higher betting limits but also provide an opportunity to play solo, like a true VIP. Praising the quality of the mobile gaming experience feels kind of redundant as all Evolution Gaming products are created with mobile play in mind.

All Live Baccarat games support both landscape and portrait mode and change the position and size of the digital betting area according to different stages in the game. The latter thus always remains well visible and easy to use but never covers any of the other important elements. Manual squeezing is even more enjoyable when using your finger than mouse.

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Live Baccarat by Ezugi

Ezugi is another live gaming specialist offering multiple Live Baccarat variants. The environment they play in may not be as beautifully designed as Evolution’s but you’ll find the same kind of roads to explore as well as multiple optional side bets.

Player and Banker Pair pay 11:1, Perfect Pair 25:1 and Either Pair 5:1. Big bet wins if the total number of cards dealt is 5 or 6, and Small bet for fewer than 4. One thing Ezugi makes possible while Evolution Gaming doesn’t is dealer tipping – an option that makes the experience closer to that of playing at a land-based casino.

Live Knockout Baccarat plays at the same table as the standard game but uses different overlay and offers 7 separate side bets. Players are invited to wager on winning total and potentially win up to 7.5:1, and/or place bets on Player/Banker Natural which pay 4:1.

Live Super 6 is a game variant in which both Banker and Player wins pay even money, with one exception. If the Banker wins with 6, you’ll receive only 0.5:1. You can insure against this unfavorable outcome with Super 6 side bet and potentially collect 12:1.  

Queenco Casino Baccarat plays at a brick-and-mortar casino and enables online players to bet on the same table as physical patrons. The execution could be improved, though; currently, the area which contains digital betting board and statistics covers a good portion of the table so one can’t see all chips placed by casino players. 

Ezugi’s dealers are of different nationalities and some speak English better than others, which is why they are sometimes a bit difficult to understand. They also vary in terms of friendliness and level of interaction with players. We’ve seen those that make sure to greet every new participant and keep on communicating while dealing, but also dealers that look disinterested and will only talk when they have to. Video and audio quality differs even with games broadcasted out of the same studio. 

Oddly enough, Ezugi’s Live Baccarat looks and sounds better once you switch to a mobile device. Players can choose between portrait and landscape mode and use conveniently placed navigational buttons. Betting area expands when it’s time to place wagers and shrinks once the dealing starts, thus enabling easy bet placement as well as good visibility of live action when it counts. 

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Live Baccarat by Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming lobby features multiple Live Baccarat tables with a choice of standard and VIP limits. Game interface is similar to that of Evolution Gaming Baccarat, with betting area and roads displayed in the bottom part of the screen and in-game options accessible via icons positioned on top. Players can choose among a number of different languages, one of which is Hindu. 

Vivo’s Live Baccarat incorporates several optional wagers. Pairs pay 11:1, Player and Banker Bonus up to 30:1, Big bet 0.54:1 and Small bet 3:2 – all pretty standard payouts offered by most of the other providers. Video and audio quality is decent and pretty consistent. Vivo’s dealers could be trained to be more welcoming and communicative; looking bored and reluctant to interact can and will spoil the gaming experience. 

Vivo has successfully adapted its Live Baccarat to mobile play, adding a chip carousel to the right-hand side of the screen and packing all in-game options behind a single menu button. Video is sharp, sounds well audible, and cards dealt digitally displayed to ensure good visibility.

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Play Vivo Baccarat at - Click Here >>
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Lucky Streak Baccarat

Indian players will often get a chance to play Live Baccarat powered by Lucky Streak and benefit from a high RTP of 98.94%. The game offers traditional roadmaps (Big Road, Bead Plate, Cockroach Pig, Big Eye Boy, Small Road) and includes the usual optional wagers – Pairs paying between 5:1 and 25:1, Big and Small.

Streaming quality is generally good though you may occasionally witness freezing. Audio effects aren’t limited to the dealer’s voice; there’s always an upbeat tune playing in the background. 

Lucky Streak does a good job when it comes to dealer training; their staff tends to be communicative and friendly, happy to respond to comments and questions delivered via Live Chat but also initiate a conversation themselves and even sing. They are well capable of making you feel welcomed and relaxed; show them how much you appreciate it by offering a tip.

When it comes to mobile gaming, you’ll find Live Baccarat by Lucky Streak to be playable only in landscape mode. Video quality is ok but the dealer’s voice tends to be out of synch. However, thanks to their charm and friendliness, it isn’t as irritating as one would expect.

Collapsible menu provides links to settings, history, betting limits, game rules and lobby. There are no digital images of cards dealt to Player and Banker so one might struggle to read them. 

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Ho Gaming Baccarat

Ho Gaming (official website here)  is run by the Ho family which has more than 40 years of experience in casino operation in Macau. If that doesn’t make them a Baccarat expert, we don’t know what would. The developer’s lobby offers access to multiple standard game variants (some playing faster than others) as well as No Commission Baccarat and Dragon Tiger.

Each table has several bet ranges to choose from according to budget available.

Lovely dealers will great you with a smile but you probably won’t hear them talk; most of the time their voices can’t compete with a prerecorded voice telling you when to place bets and calling the result. Staff has been trained by Macau land-based professionals so they all have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Dealers use the largest cards we’ve seen thus far and, although it looks a bit odd, it also guarantees excellent visibility. All games feature traditional Baccarat roads one can use to predict trends. They also incorporate Player and Banker optional wagers which pay 11:1.

Buttons positioned on the right-hand side enable players to control audio, view game rules, ask for support, take a screenshot and report a bug. One is additionally able to see the number and value of bets placed on each potential outcome. No Commission Baccarat offers a return of 98.94% while Live Dragon Tiger has standard RTP of 96.27%. 

The experience isn’t as satisfying when using smartphones or tablets. Screen goes black after only a few seconds so one has to keep touching it in order to keep the game visible. Mobile interface looks too busy and we have experienced frequent disconnections which, obviously, interrupt the game. If you like playing Live Baccarat on the go, you may be better off choosing a product powered by one of the other developers mentioned above. 

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Play Ho Gaming Baccarat at 22Bet - Click Here >>

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