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We Tried 7 Live Dealer Blackjack Tables Available in India – Here Are Our Thoughts

Posted on August 7, 2019 | 10:16 am
best live blackjack india

Players in India have plenty of options to play live dealer blackjack for real money, as the country is just starting to think about a regulatory online gambling framework.

You can access all the top-tier live casino providers and a great selection of live dealer casinos, who happen to offer pretty generous bonuses for players looking to play blackjack and most other games you’d typically find.

Below we’ve provided our thoughts on the best blackjack tables that we’ve played, all available at our partner casinos all of whom offer tables from the best live dealer provider Evolution Gaming.

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Standard 7-Seat Live Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

Enter Evolution’s Lobby and you’ll inevitably find dozens of 7-seat Live Blackjack tables with a wide range of limits. If the one you choose happens to be fully occupied, there’s still an option to Bet Behind. The game uses 8 decks and dealer always stands on 17.

Players can Double Down on any two cards and Split their initial hand if it consists of same value cards. Only one Split is allowed per hand, only one card dealt to split Aces, and there’s no doubling after splitting. Insurance is offered when your opponent reveals an Ace, and should they indeed celebrate Blackjack, you’ll get paid 2:1 on this optional bet. Evolution’s 7-seat Live Blackjack has an RTP of 99.28%.

This live gaming leader does everything incredibly well, be it user interface, broadcasting quality or in-game tools. There’s an option to switch views and choose between live feed stretched over the entire game screen, or shrunk in the upper part with a computer-generated table positioned below.

We’d always go for the first as it makes the experience more realistic. Cards bear oversized markings so they’re easy to read, and those not too good at maths will appreciate the hand value being shown next to their cards.

A discreet set of buttons, visible in the upper right corner, enables easy access to game rules, detailed overview of our previous bets and outcomes (in all Evolution games, not just the current one), and Bet Behind, video and audio settings. The only element that may perform below expectations is the dealer. Not long ago, all Evolution’s staff used to be energetic, smiling and talkative as well as highly professional, but something seems to have changed.

Some of those we were playing against appeared to be bored out of their minds and thinking only about how much longer before their shift ends. Hopefully, the developer has spotted the issue and will take appropriate actions.

Having switched to a mobile device, we’re seeing pretty much the same. Lobby remains easy to use, with games grouped by category and tables playing blackjack filterable by betting limits. Evolution’s Live Blackjack loads fast and works in both portrait and landscape mode though we’d recommend you to choose the latter as it provides better visibility when playing on a smartphone.

Video is of impeccable quality and same goes for sound. A single collapsible menu opens access to the Cashier and the Lobby, Live Chat, limits & payouts, history, settings and game rules. Honestly, there’s nothing we’d change.

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Live Infinite Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

Live Infinite Blackjack is much more than an attempt to sit an infinite number of players at the same table. It has lower minimum limits than 7-seat games and is probably often chosen primarily for that reason, even though the game incorporates several unique extras.

To start with, there are as many as 4 side bets. Hot 3 pays when your two cards and the dealer’s up card total 19-21, and Three of a Kind wins when the first 3 cards form a Flush, Straight or 3-of-a-kind.

Any Pair pays if your first 2 cards are a Pair, and Bust It wins when dealer busts. Most rules are the same as in the classic game (8 decks are in play, dealer stands on 17) with the addition of Six Card Charlie. According to the latter, the player automatically wins if they manage to accumulate 6 cards without busting – even when the opponent gets Blackjack! Live Infinite Blackjack has an RTP of 99.47%.

Because it’s a one-to-many game, rounds tend to play slower than we’d like. Everybody is using the same hand but making different decisions; it often happens that a number of other players decide to Split and you’re sitting there, twiddling your thumbs as the dealer keeps dealing them additional cards.

There’s not much to be done as far as process goes but perhaps Evolution could shorten the decision making time to speed the game up. Incidentally, this is where an engaging dealer can help, as the chatty gentleman we were playing against did (even treated us to a few songs).

Just like Evolution’s standard game, Infinite Blackjack supports both landscape and portrait format on mobile devices. It may be a tad easier to place bets when holding your smartphone in the vertical position but visibility is better when you flip it horizontally (though there’s no reason you can’t keep turning it back and forth to exploit all benefits).

The video is of TV quality and sound loud and clear at all times. Cards are well visible even if you don’t have 20/20 vision. Conveniently placed Menu button reveals links to the Lobby and the Cashier, responsible gaming page, Live Chat, limits & payouts, settings and rules.

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Live Blackjack by Vivo Gaming

Vivo’s Live Blackjack plays at a table with 7 seats, uses 8 decks, and dealer hits on soft 17. Bet Behind is supported. Players can Double and receive one additional card and they can Split up to a total of 4 hands, which is quite unique.

If the dealer shows an Ace, he’ll offer us to place Insurance bet which pays 2:1. There are two optional side bets: 21+3 and Perfect Pairs. The first wins if your cards and the dealer’s up card form a three-card poker hand and pays as much as 100:1, while the second can win you up to 25:1. Vivo’s game additionally features Even Money – an option to get paid 1:1 if you have Blackjack and the dealer’s up card is an Ace.

You may consider taking it as Blackjack on both sides results in a push. Vivo uses a similar layout to that seen in Evolution’s games. Buttons in the upper right corner are used to display table limits, switch sound on and off, and double-check game rules. There’s no option to switch views or manipulate the video in any way. Visibility of the cards is good and the total hand value displayed next to them.

Vivo’s streaming is not always perfect and you may, like we just did, experience temporary blackouts. The dealer we were playing against looked as if angry with the world and bored at the same time. He’d occasionally tap his fingers on the table and puff, as if frustrated for having to wait for players’ decisions. The next one was a bit better but gave us loads of clearly faked smiles.

Mobile lobby displays a small choice of blackjack tables and transports you to the chosen one within seconds. Mobile Live Blackjack works only in landscape format but uses full screen. Cards still appear tiny and we were struggling to see what we’ve been dealt, though computer-generated hand total let us know where we stood.

We’ve seen video freeze more than once (quite annoying) while the dealer’s voice remained audible.

Menu button, conveniently placed in the bottom left corner, provides access to the Lobby, limits, settings, history and rules. Vivo’s mobile product is decent enough but it can’t compete with Evolution’s impeccable delivery.

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Live Blackjack Early Payout by Visionary iGaming

Though ViG features both standard and Early Payout game variant, it seems that Spanish-friendly casinos prefer to offer only the latter. You shouldn’t mind, though; the game boasts a high RTP of 99.50%. Dealer hits on soft 17 and players are able to Double Down on any two initial cards or Split those of same value. Split Aces can receive only one card each and it’s allowed to double after splitting.

With each card dealt, the best decision based on the Basic Strategy is displayed. Players are able to take advice or reject it, with one exception: one can’t Hit if Strategy instructs them to Stand. With every new card, we were offered to take an Early Payout with the amount changing depending on the strength of the dealer’s up-card.

There’s an option to take Insurance and collect 2:1 in case the dealer does get Blackjack. ViG’s Live Blackjack supports two optional wagers: Rummy bet which pays 9:1 and Pair bet paying 11:1.

The game took a while to load and video quality was not as good as with the competitive products. Too bad; with music and voices heard from other tables, one might forget they’re sitting at home rather than at a brick-and-mortar venue.

Players can show/hide video, manipulate animations, activate auto-hit on 8 or less and auto-stand on 18+ using buttons in the upper right corner. Unlike Evolution and most other developers, ViG doesn’t feature a Lobby of its own, which is shame; if you want to switch to another table, you have to do it through the casino’s Lobby.

The charming dealer was speaking both English and Spanish and seemed to have tons of experience in this game. The fact they were being tipped proves ViG has done a good job picking and training its staff. 

The same game loads surprisingly quickly on mobile devices. We’ve tested it with an Android smartphone and have to say it’s hugely inferior to Evolution’s products. Though it works in portrait and landscape mode, the visibility isn’t great in either of the two; for some reason, game screen doesn’t change in size no matter how you hold your device.

Both video and sound was off and, try as we could, they wouldn’t switch on. Cards are exceptionally hard to read and decisions difficult to execute unless you zoom in, which is a bother. Pity, a great game like this surely deserves significantly better mobile execution.

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Live Blackjack by Ezugi

Ezugi’s Lobby has offered us a choice of 8 tables, 7 of which were 7-seat issues and one inviting multiple players to bet on the same hand. Standard game plays with 8 decks and dealer stands on soft 17. Players are allowed to Double Down and receive only one additional card or they can Split two cards of same value but only once; a single card is dealt to each of split Aces. Doubling after splitting is allowed.

If the dealer’s up card is an Ace, players can purchase Insurance which will cost them half of their stake and pay 2:1, or they may Surrender and salvage half of their bet rather than lose it all. Perfect Pair and 21+3 are two optional side bets, the first paying a maximum of 25:1 and the other up to 100:1. The reported RTP is 99.50%.

User interface is simple enough; there’s an option to switch audio on and off, launch Live Chat, ask for Live support, and open a Menu which leads to settings and game rules. Video and audio quality was quite good, no freezing experienced. Visibility of the cards was excellent. We considered the dealer to be laid-back, friendly and apparently enjoying the game, until he reacted to a player who took a while to decide.

It’s not a direct quote, but he said something like “I really enjoy when someone takes 15 seconds to make a decision, I love it, it’s been my dream since I’ve been a little child”. Cheeky bugger. The next one was a lady who couldn’t stop giggling. If you like your dealers straightforward and informal, Ezugi may be the right choice; they are guaranteed to make you laugh.

The developer has done a very good job as far as the mobile experience is concerned. Easy-to-use Lobby gives an overview of available blackjack games with minimum limits and occupancy, plus an Info button one can use to learn about the game prior to launching it. Clicking on Play Now button instantly takes us to the chosen table. Portrait and landscape modes are both supported and game screen adapts perfectly to each.

ideo quality is exceptionally good and both the dealer and background noise clearly audible. Hand values are displayed in large font so there’s no way to make a mistake. Ezugi must have learned from the segment leader as they’ve produced a very similar layout with all in-game options hidden behind a single Menu button. This is where you’ll find links to Lobby, Chat, statistics, limits & payouts, settings, game info and Support Chat. Well done, Ezugi team!

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Live Blackjack by Lucky Streak 

Live Blackjack by Lucky Streak is a 7-seat game with an individual player offered to take up to three to play up to three different hands. The Bet Behind feature allows you to bet on a hand dealt to another player. Each shoe has 8 decks and dealer must stand on all 17. Burning Cards procedure is initiated when a new shoe starts or when there’s a dealer switch.

You can Double Down on your initial hand, and if your first two cards happen to be of equal value, you’ll have an option to Split them into two separate hands (only once per round). Players are also given an opportunity to purchase Insurance against the dealer’s Blackjack and potentially win 2:1.

The usual side bets are supported: Perfect Pairs (cards must be identical in order to win) and 21+3 (pays for a 3-card Flush, Straight, 3-of-a-kind and Straight Flush). Winning optional wagers pay 25:1 and 9:1 respectively, and it’s a bit disappointing to see that all 21+3 combos deliver exactly the same. The game has an RTP of 99.38%.

Streaming quality is quite good and dealers all seem to be good humoured, very friendly and experienced. Soft music playing in the background in combination with voices of other dealers enhances authenticity.

The interface is available in 10 different languages, Spanish included. Icons on top link to game rules and video and audio settings. Video quality is set automatically but you do have an option to manually adjust it to low, medium or high.

Buttons on the bottom allow you to display or hide side bets, view account history and launch Live Chat. There’s also a slot for tipping the dealer, just as you might do in a land-based casino.

Live Blackjack by Lucky Streak is also available for mobile play and supports only landscape format. Loading time is good but live feed occasionally freezes for a second or two. Video covers the entire screen, thus ensuring good visibility of the cards and making it easy to place bets and choose one’s next move.

Menu button has been pushed out of the way yet it remains easy to find and use. Clicking on it opens a range of options – manipulate settings, view history, check limits, read game rules or head to the Lobby. Everything looks good apart from the aforementioned streaming issues which damages the authenticity and tends to irritate.

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