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Guide to French Roulette With Live Dealers

Posted on June 11, 2018 | 10:04 am

As you know, there are a few variations on the classic game of roulette. Each version of the game has its quirks in gameplay, differences to the interface, the settings, limits and special bets that can be made. With the success of live dealer blackjack and more people playing for real money with live dealers it is important to us that you fully understand what to expect when playing blackjack at an online casino. This guide aims to give you an overview of French roulette.

A Brief History of French Roulette

The word ‘roulette’ means little wheel in French, and it was as far back as 1655 when the first French roulette wheel was created during an attempt by Blaise Pascal, a famous French mathematician, to create a perpetual-motion device. The basic design created by Pascal has only been tweaked slightly to this day, and the game gained popularity despite the intentions of its creation.

Fast forward to 1842 and brothers Francois, and Louis Blanc looked to improve the game of roulette by including the addition of the zero to the wheel, and found that the house edge was increased in the process. By this time, however, France had made gambling illegal, and the game of roulette spread to other European countries where it could be enjoyed within a legal framework. Francois Blanc was responsible for opening the first Monte Carlo casino, and it was here that French roulette became the main drawn, attracting high rollers from across the globe.

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french roulette with live dealers

Providers of French Roulette

If you are looking to play live French Roulette online, you have a few enticing options to choose from. Below, we’ve broken down some information on a few of the best and brightest around at the moment.

Evolution Gaming – A high-quality game that offers consistency, amazing graphics and a steady video link to a live online casino. Players have access to the full package of features that you expect when playing for real money with live dealers online.

Evolution has equipped the variations of roulette with options to adjust the neighboring numbers from 1 to 8, covering to the right and left of the selected number. High definition video streams offer flexible user settings to allow for connection issues and processor speeds, and two camera views showing the table and dealer at differing angles. The interface displays crucial game stats from the last 500 wheel spins, and Evolution has included a handy ‘Help’ section that includes an exhaustive list of rules, payouts, betting rules and everything a beginner could need before playing.

PlayTech – With PlayTech the betting process has been simplified. You only need to select one of seven available chips and place it on your choice of sector within the layout of the table. To place Announce or Neighbour bets, just click on the relevant icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Learning the different types of bets has been made easier as the numbers covered by specific bets are highlighted as you hover over bet types. Betting limits are highlighted on the left-hand side of the screen for straight-up bets, and within the interface, users can change the camera view from classic to 3D, access chat, change the sound and make the game full screen if they wish. PlayTech offers a great version of live dealer roulette for players.

NetEnt – The developers have gone out to make your French roulette live dealer experience a pleasant one. Here you’ll find a video package that is attractive and entertaining to welcome you to play. You’ll experience a high standard of graphics and some settling background music as you play (though you can mute the sound if you feel that it is too distracting from the game). The interface and table look like you would expect from a live French roulette game online, with a stylish red background.

Hot and cold numbers are displayed to the right-hand side of the game, and at the bottom of the screen a number of betting options, including Manque, Impair, Pair and Passe. In terms of game analysis, a button at the bottom of the screen provides access to a wealth of statistics for you to analyse and use to your advantage, with your favourite bets saved for you to use again by pressing the star button.


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Differences Between French Roulette and Other Variations

French roulette is often quoted as being the roulette game of choice for those connoisseurs of the genre. Compared to American roulette and European roulette you’ll find that the house edge is the lowest within French roulette, coming in at 1.35% when you consider the La Partage Rule that is in action here. Playing for real money with live dealers is an exciting prospect, and French roulette is the most popular version of the game.

The classic number sequence is in play here, with only one zero on the table. The table layout itself is where the variations take place, with French roulette including La Partage. This rule gives players half of the money back on an even money bet should the ball land on zero. The En Prison Rule allows for a second chance, with an even money bet to be held on the same spot for the next spin after a ball lands on zero.

French roulette is a fun game to play and if you are looking for the best places to play roulette online with live dealers, and to play for real money, we hope this guide has informed you a little bit more before taking the plunge. We would recommend the Evolution, PlayTech and NetEnt versions of French roulette to players of all experience levels.

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