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High and Low Volatility of Live Casino Games (and Why It Is Important to Understand It to Win)

Posted on July 10, 2018 | 10:56 am
james bond poker scene

The modern marketing of live casino games has changed significantly. Now more than ever the players are explained in any way possible that gambling is mostly for leisure and not for profiting. However, the old perception of casino games being a lucky ticket to richness is still very much alive, especially in countries with poor industry regulations.

Casinos are programmed to take players on emotional rollercoasters of wins and losses, and statistically — the more time you spend wagering per session, the higher the winning chances. Does this mean you should stop gambling altogether? Not necessarily, if you play responsibly. But it is vital to understand how casinos operate.

This is where terms like RTP and volatility come in. While RTP is a relatively easy concept to grasp — you get back the exact percentage that the RTP states, it is always a bit more complex with volatility.

In a nutshell, the volatility index is a math model that shows how a game can potentially work for you over the course of hours or days. Volatility in live casino games is usually either low or high. With low volatility, wins will come in more frequently, but in lower amounts. With high volatility, prepare yourself for a streak of losing rounds before you can hit a win, and this win might be quite solid.


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Best Live Casinos for High Volatility Play

When opting-in for high-volatility games, be sure to choose a reputable and trustworthy online casino. You need to be sure that in case of the win, the platform will be able to pay it out. Usually, websites with years of experience and solid licenses, as well as many positive responses from players, will be the safest choice. We have got lots of such great live lobbies waiting for you. All you need to do is sort by favorite features, be it software, currencies, bonuses, or whatnot.

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* Terms Apply to all bonuses. Must be 18+ to participate. Please gamble responsibly. Visit for more details.

Which Is Better: Low of High Volatility Live Casino Gambling?

In many ways — with its RTP and volatility — the casino predetermines how the game will unfold. However, as a player, you still have a certain share of control over the gaming process, and it is in the way you manage your bankroll, time you choose to stay in the gaming session, and a full understanding of how a low or a high volatility math model swings from side to side.


Low Volatility Gambling in Live Casinos

With this form of volatility, you will get to stay in the game longer. You will also get to win more frequently although these wins will rarely be of major amounts. Statistically, if you choose to stick to a low-volatility game for a duration of more than 50 rounds, eventually you will empty the bankroll.

High Volatility Gambling in Live Casinos

With this math model, you lose less on average but there is a significant risk of you losing faster. What works best with high volatility gambling is smart bankroll management. You need to have a financial strategy in place that will last you through a long streak of loses before you hit one major win that will then last you though quite a few more rounds. Or you can always grab the win and leave.

Remember, though, that in the long run, bot low and high volatility games will always favor the casino.

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Our Favourite High Volatility Games

Recommended High Volatility Live Dealer Games for India

Before we dive into recommending great live games, we would like to elaborate more on what it means to strategically manage the bankroll. Keeping a cool head and being in control of finances is the number 1 priority for any player.

For beginners, it is a good idea to start by setting daily, weekly, or monthly limits that you are ready to spend on live casinos. Many experienced players also find it helpful to pull out of the game once the bankroll is increased by 40% or decreased by 50%. Also, break your bankrolls into even bets and in the beginning, keep those low. It is better to strategically plan to stay in the game for a certain number of rounds and to then plan to make more money during wagering that will prolong the gaming session.

Now, here are some of our favorite high volatility games that we can recommend to our India-based gambling community.

highest bet multiplier on live dealer casino games


Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming offers a couple of peculiar features. These are mechanisms Lucky Payouts and Added Lucky Numbers. Every 5 rounds, lightning strikes certain lucky numbers. These numbers can then result in wins between 50-500x the bet.

Dream Catcher is another hit by Evolution Gaming, and it is a gameshow. It runs a new round every 45 seconds, and two of the win multipliers on the wheel — these are 2x and 7x — can significantly boost wins quite frequently.

BetConstruct’s VIP Live Blackjack Tables allow players to play 3 positions due to 7 seats and 6 decks in the game. The player gets an insurance and a potential 2:1 payout every time the dealer gets an Ace. Plus, there is the Lucky 7s side bet with its jaw-dropping 500:1 payout as an advertised jackpot. To grab it, you will need 3 suited 7s from your wager.

BetGames TV Lucky 5 Lottery lets the drum-machine draw 5 lucky numbers out of a pool of 36 balls. You get to jump in on a new round every 5 minutes. Via the betting slip, you will get to place not one, but multiple bets on the possible outcome.

Cabibbean Stud Poker by Evolution Gaming allows players to shoot for a chance to win up to 1,000:1 on the 5+1 Bonus side bet. Regardless of whether you decide to Call or Fold, the 5+1 bonus bet, if it happens, remains in the game.

These are a few, but not all the games that we can recommend to our Indian gambling community. When choosing a high volatile live casino release, do not be afraid of the streak of loses. Be sure you are confident about your bankroll and stay away from overcommitting money if you do not have cash to spare.

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