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Live Baccarat for Players in Malaysia

Posted on September 24, 2019 | 1:26 pm

Two facts explain the popularity of Live Baccarat among Malaysian players as well as those from other parts of the world: super-simple gameplay and an exceptionally high RTP. One only needs to decide which of the three possible outcomes to wager on – Player, Banker or Tie, and then sit back with fingers crossed while the round plays in line with preset rules.

To make things more interesting and potentially benefit from higher payouts, you can place one or more optional side bets supported by Live Baccarat games available at Malaysian live dealer casinos. There are numerous developers and variants to pick from so it’s not easy to find the best, but we’ve done the testing and can point you in the right direction.

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Live Baccarat Squeeze

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Evolution Gaming, which we all know produces the best live dealer games out there, has a diverse assortment of Live Baccarat variants and among them one which exploits the squeeze ritual. Baccarat Squeeze plays in a tastefully decorated studio designed to convey the game’s Asian origin, and a dealer seated at a bean-shaped table does the squeezing to increase suspense as well as authenticity.

They will quickly reveal cards associated with a lower bet value and then start showing partial views of those associated with the bigger total wager before they reveal them in full. Players get to enjoy tantalizing views of the squeeze thanks to more than 15 cameras used on a single table.

Evolution’s Baccarat Squeeze offers a choice of roads (Bead Road, Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road, Cockroach Road) to help you decide what to bet on next. There’s also an opportunity to earn more via optional side wagers. Player/Banker Pair wins if the first two cards dealt to the respective hand create a pair and pay 11:1.

Perfect Pair will pay as much as 200:1 when two cards of the same value and suit are dealt to both Player and the Banker. Player/Banker Bonus bet pays for a natural 8 or 9 as well as a win by at least 4 points (up to 30:1).

In terms of production and broadcasting quality, Live Baccarat Squeeze is just as impressive as other Evolution Gaming games. HD video never suffers freezing and the dealer’s voice is perfectly synchronized and always well audible. Evolution’s game hosts are fluent English speakers so you’ll never have to struggle to understand what’s being said.

Just below live feed you’ll find betting tools and statistics, while a discreet set of icons in the upper right corner offers easy access to all in-game options.

Feel free to use them to communicate with your dealer, adjust video quality and double-check rules. Live Baccarat Squeeze has a theoretical return to player of 98.94% based on optimal strategy for Banker bet.



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Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

Watch Preview

There’s an even better way to enjoy the squeeze ritual thanks to Evolution’s Baccarat Control Squeeze. Rather than allow the dealer to have all the fun, it lets you do the squeezing. Cards are dealt face-down on a glass panel but, owing to optical filters, you can’t immediately see what they are; before the dealer turns them over, you can tap on the corner of each card to peel off the overlay and gradually reveal them.

Additional win opportunities are offered via Pairs and Banker/Player optional bets.

Evolution Gaming presents this product as an authentic “Macau-like VIP gaming experience” and that’s not just a marketing gimmick. Live Baccarat Squeeze looks formidable on all devices and the opportunity to perform the squeeze ritual yourself is a rare treat in the online gaming world. This game has the same high RTP of 98.94% as the standard variant.



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Live Dragon Tiger

Watch Preview

To experience an even simpler gameplay, try Evolution’s Dragon Tiger. It’s kind of a two-card Baccarat version in which a single card is dealt to each of the two competing hands  – in this case the Dragon and the Tiger, both paying even money.

Tie bet is an optional wager which wins 11:1 when Dragon and Tiger cards turn out to be equal in rank. Suited Tie (cards equal in suit as well as rank) is possible owing to the fact the game plays with 8 decks; should you win it, you’ll be paid 50:1.

Evolution’s Live Baccarat studio is impressive enough but Dragon Tiger manages to take it up a notch. The environment features beautiful red and gold elements and tables comes complete with dragon and tiger glass statues which you’ll see lighting up in line with game outcome.

Simple gameplay enables rounds that last only 25 seconds and players can take advantage of same useful in-game tools including statistics of previous results presented via Baccarat-like roads. Live Dragon Tiger has a theoretical return to player of 96.27%.



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Live Speed Baccarat

Watch Preview

Live Speed Baccarat makes a relatively fast-paced game play even faster; while a round lasts 48 seconds in Evolution’s standard Live Baccarat, its Speed alternative will complete it within as little as 27 seconds. Dealers employed by Evolution Gaming are all exceptionally well trained but it’s in this game that their skills become really evident; we’ve been mesmerized by their swift hand movements on more than one occasion.

Players can still bet on Pairs, Player and Banker Bonus and enjoy high-quality streaming as well as the developer’s easy-to-use interface with useful in-game options.

Many Malaysian online casinos feature Evolution’s Salon Prive with tables reserved for VIPs (and anybody who feels like one). They all have higher betting limits and provide an opportunity to play alone. Switch to a mobile device and you’ll find that all Live Baccarat games support both landscape and portrait format.

Size and position of the digital betting area will change during different stages of the game to make sure all important elements always remain well visible and controls easy to use. You may actually enjoy the squeezing even more when using your finger instead of a mouse.



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Ezugi Live Baccarat

Watch Preview

Ezugi is another developer that specializes in live dealer games and offers multiple Live Baccarat variants. The gaming environment may not be as appealing as Evolution’s but Ezugi’s products offer one thing which increases the authenticity of the experience – an option to tip the dealer if you’re happy with their performance. You’ll also find optional side bets, Either Pair paying 5:1, Player/ Banker Pair 11:1 and Perfect Pair 25:1. Big side wager wins when the total number of cards dealt is 5 or 6, and Small bet when it’s less than 4.

Ezugi provides several interesting alternatives to a standard Live Baccarat game. Knockout Baccarat plays at the same table with a different overlay and offers 7 separate side wagers. One can bet on winning total to win up to 7.5:1 and/or Player/Banker Natural which pays 4:1. In Live Super 6, both Player and Banker pay even money, with one exception.

If the latter wins with 6, it pays only 0.5:1. Super 6 side bet offers insurance against this unfavorable outcome and pays 12:1. Queenco Casino Baccarat is broadcasted from a land-based casino, enabling online players to place bets on the same table as casino patrons. The execution isn’t the best we’ve seen, though; one can’t see all chips physically placed on the table as a good portion of the latter is covered by the digital betting board and statistics.

Ezugi’s dealers come from different parts of the world and are not equally fluent in English so you may find some of them a bit difficult to understand. Owing to insufficient training and/or lack of supervision, they also behave in different ways. Some are friendly, communicative and engaging while others appear to be disinterested and reluctant to talk more than they have to.

Video and audio quality of Ezugi’s games tends to be inconsistent even when broadcasting from the same studio although you may not notice it when playing on a mobile device. There’s a choice of portrait and landscape mode with conveniently placed navigational buttons. Dynamic elements adapt throughout the game; betting area will expand to facilitate easier bet placement and then shrink to allow for a good view of live action.



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Vivo Gaming Live Baccarat

Watch Preview

Having entered Vivo Gaming lobby, you’ll find multiple Live Baccarat tables offering a choice of standard and VIP limits. Game interface is quite similar to that of Evolution’s Baccarat: digital betting area and roads are positioned in the bottom half of the screen and all in-game options accessible via icons displayed on top.

The game incorporates several optional bets with standard payouts – Pairs 11:1, Player and Banker Bonus up to 30:1, Big bet 0.54:1 and Small bet 3:2. The quality of video and audio is consistently good but dealers could be trained better; looking bored and unwilling to interact with players obviously doesn’t contribute to the quality of the gaming experience.

Vivo did a pretty good job of adapting its Live Baccarat to smartphones and tablets. You’ll see a chip carousel on the right-hand side of the screen and all in-game options packed behind a single menu button. Sharp video and digital images of card dealt ensure good visibility.



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Lucky Streak

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Live Baccarat powered by Lucky Streak offers traditional roadmaps (Big Road, Bead Plate, Cockroach Pig, Big Eye Boy, Small Road) and the usual optional bets – Pairs paying between 5:1 and 25:1, Big and Small. Streaming quality is good enough though video may occasionally freeze.

In addition to the dealer’s voice, players will also hear an upbeat tune playing in the background. Game hosts are well chosen and trained as evidenced by their friendliness and eagerness to communicate; they will often start a conversation without being prompted by players’ questions and comments. It may or may not have not have to do with the fact Lucky Streak enables dealer tipping but don’t neglect to share your good fortune should you happen to score a nice win.

Landscape mode is the only option once you move from a desktop to a mobile device. Video quality remains good, and though you may find the dealer’s voice to be out of synch, these ladies and gentlemen are so charming it probably won’t bug you too much. Collapsible menu offers links to settings, betting limits, game rules and lobby. One small issue is that, because there are no digital images of cards dealt, one might struggle to read them.



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Ho Gaming

Watch Preview

Ho Gaming is a true Baccarat expert owing to the fact it’s owned by a family with 40+ years of experience in casino operation in Macau. The lobby presents multiple standard game variants as well as No Commission Baccarat and Dragon Tiger, with each table offering a choice of bet ranges. A smile on the dealer’s face will welcome you to the game but their words can’t be heard due to a loud prerecorded voice inviting players to place bets and calling results. Ho Gaming is apparently employing Macau land-based professionals as trainers so their staff can master necessary skills.

Supersized cards may look a bit odd but there’s no doubt they ensure excellent visibility. Traditional Baccarat roads can be used to predicted trends and place your bets accordingly. You can also place side wagers on Player and Banker to potentially win 11:1. Buttons positioned on the right let you control audio, display game rules, request support, take a screenshot and report a bug. No Commission Baccarat offers a return of 98.94% while Dragon Tiger has an RTP of 96.27%.

The quality of the gaming experience is, sadly, significantly less satisfying when playing via smartphones or tablets. For some reason, screen goes black every few seconds so you have no choice but to keep tapping it. Interface is quite busy which makes it less user-friendly and disconnections happen way too often for our liking.



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