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Best Live Roulette Tables for Players in Malaysia

Posted on September 23, 2019 | 1:10 pm

The rising excitement players experience as the little white ball spins and bounces before settling in one of 37 or 38 numbered pockets is difficult to describe to anyone who hasn’t played Roulette.

You simply have to place chips on the table and witness a spin of the wheel to be able to understand why players around the world find it one of the best casino games ever invented.

Not having a brick-and-mortar casino in the vicinity is not a problem; dozens of live gaming developers offer multiple tables accessible from home and virtually any other location.

It would take time to try them all but you don’t necessarily need to; we’ve tested all Live Roulette games offered by Malaysian online casinos and are more than happy to share our thoughts on the best ones available.

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Live Lightning Roulette

Evolution Gaming keeps launching innovative products like there’s no tomorrow and their products always add value in more ways than one. Lightning Roulette is a perfect example. It’s different to any other game variant, which will be evident the moment you launch the game. It plays in a uniquely designed dark studio illuminated by a self-standing Roulette wheel, four pillars and a wall-mounted replica of the betting board with 37 numbered panels.

Instead of the usual croupier seated at a Roulette table, you’ll see a distinctly dressed host with microphone in hand. When they pull the lever, the board is “struck by lightning” and one or more numbers randomly chosen as “lucky”. Each receives a multiplier of x50 – x500 which is then applied if the ball lands on the respective lucky number. This addition to standard Roulette gameplay increases the game’s win potential to a massive 499:1 (plus your stake back).

The uniqueness of the mechanism is impressive enough but one also has to admire the developer’s attention to details. Specially designed audio and visual lightning effects create the drama and fit the theme perfectly. You will love user-friendly layout with useful and easily accessible in-game options, as well as Evolution’s engaging hosts that embrace the format and easily adapt to TV-show game style.

Lightning Roulette remains just as impressive on smartphones and tablets. One can use either portrait or landscape mode, minimize video or let it take over the entire screen. A single menu button stores links to Lobby, Chat, Statistics, Favorite bets, Limits & Payouts, History, Settings and Help. Bet placement presents no difficulties even on tiny smartphone screens.

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Live Double Ball Roulette

Why not double the fun by using two balls instead of one? In Evolution’s Double Ball Roulette, the croupier uses a special device to launch two balls in the same direction, one trailing the other. They may land in two different pockets or (far less frequently) in the same one.

This small change to the game’s mechanism increases its win potential to a staggering 1,300:1. There are some other differences one needs to be aware of, though. While Inside bets still win when (at least) one ball ends up on the number you have wagered on, you’ll get paid on an Outside bet only if both balls land in pockets that satisfy that bet. Straight Up bet pays only 17:1 but you’ll win the jackpot if two balls land on the selected number.

Double Ball Roulette features a range of same advantages offered by other Evolution gaming products, namely super-high broadcasting quality, well designed layout and numerous easily accessible in-game options. Bets can be placed via a digital betting board or a racetrack, there’s an easy way to place special bets and one can also save favorite bets or specific combinations and reapply them at will. Statistics button opens a diagram of the winning numbers in up to 500 previous rounds so feel free to use past results to try to predict future outcomes.

Fortunately enough, Evolution Gaming doesn’t consider small touch screens to be an obstacle for an easy and enjoyable Live Roulette experience. Even though there’s much less space to work, the developer has managed to use it in the best possible way, keeping live action perfectly visible at all times and minimizing the danger of inadvertently placing a wrong bet.

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Live Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette may be one of the most captivating live games developed by the Evolution Gaming team, owing to which it has received the EGR’s Game of the Year 2014 award. You’ll find yourself holding your breath as 200 frames-per-second HD video transmits every bounce of the ball and slow motion replay offers a second view of it coming to rest on the winning number and color.

Views are continuously changing owing to multiple cameras, switching between close-ups of the croupier’s face and the wheel to a wide view of the table whenever it’s time to place a new round of bets.

The purpose of producing Immersive Roulette wasn’t to upgrade gameplay and mess with payouts. This is a standard European variant designed to draw players into the action and incorporates the familiar tools. Convenient bet placement is facilitated via a computer-generated betting board and racetrack displayed below live feed as well as an option to place special wagers in only two clicks and reuse previously saved favorite ones.

If you’re using a mobile device, choose Immersive rather than Classic video mode and you’ll be impressed all over again. Video quality remains high, multiple cameras do their magic, betting area automatically expands when it’s time to bet and minimizes once bets are closed. Evolution’s Immersive Roulette is doubtlessly the best executed mobile Live Roulette game Malaysian casinos are offering at this moment in time.

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Evolution Gaming Live Speed Roulette

If you’re eager to place as many wagers as possible within a limited period of time, try Evolution’s Speed Roulette. In terms of the mechanics, it’s the same as the provider’s standard Live European variant but rounds play twice as fast; it takes only 25 seconds from one spin to another.

This speed was made possible by eliminating the so-called “dead time”, meaning that players are placing wagers while the wheel spins instead of before.  As soon as the ball lands in one of the pockets, the result is recorded and the croupier picks it up to launch it once again.

Continuously changing views enabled by multiple cameras make the experience even more dynamic, especially if you display the video over the entire screen. There’s also an option to minimize live feed and make more room for a digital betting area and detailed statistics of the last 500 rounds.

It’s all available with the same high quality when you’re playing on a mobile device. One can choose between portrait and landscape format and play in Immersive or Classic mode. The same navigating and settings options remain available, cleverly packed behind a single menu button.

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Age Of The Gods Roulette

Playtech has a number of standard European Roulette games streamed from studios in different parts of the world but also a few unique alternatives with interesting additions. Age Of The Gods Roulette is not only a well-executed European game variant but also a multi-level progressive jackpot game.

It offers players an opportunity to win Power, Extra Power, Super Power or Ultimate Power Jackpot, the latter with a seed value of €100,000. In fact, they are guaranteed to collect one of these four as soon as the jackpot game gets triggered (which happens randomly). The side game screen displays 20 coins, each hiding a jackpot symbol, and it’s your job to keep flipping them until you find 3 matching ones.

Age Of The Gods Roulette plays in a studio designed as an ancient Greek temple. Menu button positioned on the left-hand side enables easy access to Lobby, Cashier, game rules and settings, and immediately below you can check table limits, payouts and statistics.

Players can place wagers via the traditional betting board, use racetrack panel to bet on Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylinder, Orphelins a Cheval and Jeu Zero, and save their favorite bets to place them again later on with a single click. Video and audio quality is quite good on all devices, and dealers communicative and charming.

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NetEnt Live Roulette

Though it focuses on RNG casino games, NetEnt has also developed a small range of alternatives featuring live dealers. Focus on quality rather than quantity has resulted in TV-quality video with perfectly synchronized sounds, user-friendly and intuitive interface, and professional croupiers able to speak fluent English.

NetEnt’s Live Roulette broadcasts out of a beautifully designed studio resembling an upscale hotel. Conveniently placed menu icon provides access to rules, history, paytable and betting limits, while betting controls were pushed to the bottom so that they never obstruct view of live action. One click on Lobby button displays all available tables and makes it easy to switch to another.

All NetEnt Live Roulette games consistently apply the same layout, which is not necessarily the case with all other developers. There are multiple ways to adapt the experience to your taste and the capacity of your device; you can, for example, switch sound effects on or off and set video quality to low, medium or high.

Streaming quality is at a consistently high level no matter if you play via desktop or smartphone and regardless of your internet speed. It’s possible to play in either landscape or portrait mode and toggle between felt and video stream.

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Authentic Gaming Live Roulette

If you can’t make it to a brick-and-mortar casino, Authentic Gaming will bring one to your home. This live gaming specialist offers a realistic alternative though it claims “it’s not realistic, it’s real” owing to the fact their Live Roulette tables are located in actual land-based casinos instead of studios.

Players can consequently visit US Foxwoods, Casino International in Georgia, Bad Homburg in Germany, Royal Casino in Denmark and other land-based gambling venues and, in some instances, place their bets on the same table as the casino’s physical patrons.

This is a rare advantage even if Authentic Gaming isn’t the only provider broadcasting from physical casinos. However, streaming quality is disappointing (especially having played Evolution Gaming Live Roulette), game rounds last longer than we’d like, and dealers don’t appear to be enjoying the experience all that much.

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