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Live Texas Bonus Poker

Posted on February 21, 2018 | 3:38 pm

The final version of Texas Hold’em offered by Evolution Gaming is “Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker”. With this you have an optional bonus side bet that can pay up to 1000-1 on a winning hand.

You still bet after each dealing round up to 4X the ante in total. The “bonus” part of the game pays out for 2 card hands, such as pairs and other high value hands.

The optional progressive jackpot is in play for bonus poker as well.

All in all, as we played the three versions of live Hold’em, we didn’t notice a lot of difference between the three. You can enjoy the game with any one of the variations.

The dealers were super friendly, knowledgeable and easy to understand. They always took the time to interact with new players as they sat down at the table. Good job Evolution Gaming on getting it right with live Texas Hold’em!

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