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Lucky Streak Live Review

About Lucky Streak

Oceania-based players that enjoy true classics like roulette and baccarat will surely appreciate a robust portfolio of games produced by Lucky Streak. The company specializes in luxurious, exclusive, and high-quality live casino production with a strong focus on roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

Established in 2014, Lucky Streak is an internationally certified brand which allows it to be present in multiple markets. Oceania is among them. The company broadcasts live games 24/7 and 365 days a year from its custom-built 1,000-square-meter studio in Riga, Latvia. More than 200 employees work on delivering exclusive casino experiences to customers and B2B partners. 

The company shows steady year-by-year financial growth and 99.9% uptime while providing land-based and online gambling experiences, and staying true to its on Entertainment-First approach.

Advantages of Lucky Streak

The Lucky Streak gaming experience equals guaranteed game integrity. The company regularly monitors its dealers and games to provide the highest quality of entertainment and reliability. Its releases are stylish, easy to navigate, and tailored to different markets.

One of the absolute benefits of Lucky Streak is the fact that the company works on live casino promotions and has a convenient tournament tool that can be integrated into any online operator. Therefore, should an online casino decide on Lucky Streak promotions, there are ways to implement them.

The studio’s focus on growing the network of partners is also among its pros. This means that games by Lucky Streak are available in numerous online lobbies, and the Oceania market is included. Plus, the company takes into consideration all types of betting strategies, so both low and high rollers should check out the company’s game portfolio.

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Quick Facts

Latvia, Lithuania

Live Games by Lucky Streak

While other live dealer creators are in a race to outplay the competition by creating original table games, Lucky Streak remains true and loyal to the classic gambling experience. The company’s portfolio is all about roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

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Live Roulette by Lucky Streak

There is quite a few variations of this game in the portfolio of the company. The first and the most predictable one is Classic Roulette. This is a European version with a single-zero wheel and a French Bets racetrack. The company offers a truly cinematic experience of this game due to a two-camera broadcast from the custom-built studio in Riga. There is limitless seating at the table, a chat with the dealer, detailed history and statistics, and convenient Call Bets.

In addition to a hosted game, Lucky Streak offers Auto-Roulette, a fast-paced version of the European variation. This is a non-hosted stream with an automatic wheel, and players can enjoy up to 60 rounds of the game per hour. The company recommends this title to high-rollers looking for some fast-paced action.

Finally, there is a completely exclusive experience offered by Dual Play Roulette. This game is streamed from a land-based venue and players online can enjoy an atmosphere of a real casino while sitting virtually next to players at the brick-and-mortar venue.

Live Blackjack by Lucky Streak

The company streams its Classic Blackjack from an open-space studio where other tables can be seen in the background behind the blackjack dealer. This creates an authentic setting of a real casino.

The game is packed with a lot of useful features. One of them is the Hot or Not stats, detailed statistics of what’s been going on in the game. The company developed unique software that allows showing these statistics via a handy graphical representation. The Hot or Not stats are useful for those who’d like to use another of the game’s features, the Bet Behind option. Betting Behind allows placing money on a hand dealt to another player. Note that payouts in this case are the same as for ordinary bets. In addition to the Bet Behind feature, this blackjack game offers two other side bets: 21+3 and Perfect Pair.

Live Baccarat by Lucky Streak

The company offers a classic variation of baccarat. This release is recommended to high-rollers and it offers a truly exclusive gaming experience which even includes chatting with the dealers (tipping them, too). In addition to the classic betting action, this release supports side bets, including Player and Banker Pairs. It also allows betting extra on Small or Big Bets and Suited or Unsuited pairs. 

Players can count on detailed history and stats in the interface of the game. Plus, there is the multi-player view which is a feature that allows tracking bets made by other players.

Dealers and Platforms

The company prides itself on establishing a Latvian Live Presenters Academy. The employees of Lucky Streak, including dealers and managers, go through a 3-month course on learning the rules of live casino games, understanding the mechanics, and mastering the art of communication with players.

The dealers are full participants in the action. setting the mood, chatting with players, and narrating the action. The narration is in English, but there are more than 10 languages to choose from for the interface.

As for the platforms, games are cloud-based and due to their HTML-5 foundation, they are instantly available for desktop and portable devices.

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Lucky Streak for Oceania: Frequently Asked Questions

Given that the company has been around for only a few years, it’s not surprising to see such a limited portfolio. They started well enough, including three of the most popular table games, packing them with just the right amount of content and features, and delivering them with high video and audio quality.

Adding VIP tables would be an easy way to enrich their offering before a new game is ready to hit the market. Their dealers are among the best we’ve seen and are guaranteed to make players feel welcome and at ease. All in all, LuckyStreak is a promising newcomer and we can’t wait to see what they’ll serve us with next.

You’ll find LuckyStreak dealers relaxed, chatty and always happy to start a conversation with new comers. They’ll greet you by name as soon as you join the game and address you a few more times even if you’re yet to place a bet. More often than not, these charming ladies and gentlemen will remember you from previous game sessions, which goes a long way towards building a relationship. We have to say the developer has done a fantastic job of both picking and training their game hosts.

LuckyStreak games are available on mobile, tablet and desktop. You can access them via iOS and Android devices, and they play exclusively in landscape mode.

Live Mobile Roulette seems to only offer Multi-view mode, which switches between a full view of the computer-generated betting table and different angles showing the dealer and the wheel.

This is a very good way to ensure visibility of all relevant elements on smaller screens, while the simplified interface minimises the risk of accidentally clicking on the wrong button.

Live Mobile Blackjack and Baccarat look pretty much the same as when playing on a desktop, except that they too offer fewer options.

In terms of the language spoken by the dealer, you’ll get to listen to those speaking English, Russian or Turkish. The interface additionally supports Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and a few other languages, making it easy to play even if you don’t understand a word of what your host is saying.

You can always tell which languages are the dealers speaking in by looking at the country flags attached to tables in the game lobby.

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