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Las Vegas USA Live Dealer Baccarat Review

las-vegas-usa-live-baccarat-image1Among all casino table tables, Baccarat is perhaps the game best-suited for online play with Live Dealers.

The complex relationship between dealer and player – partially competitive, partially collaborative – make access to a live dealer decisive to the game.

As such, it’s no surprise that Baccarat has soared in popularity in recent years!

This leaves both newcomers and seasoned veterans with more choices than ever when it comes to where and how to risk their beloved bankrolls. And as we’ve written before, the decision of where to play is among the most important a gambler can make…

… as we’ve written before, a lot of what makes a successful Live Table player comes down to the choices that get made before sitting down at the table and placing that first bet!

That doesn’t mean that the choice is easy, though.

Although the industry is better regulated than ever before, with governments and watchdogs cracking down on unregulated casinos like never before, it’s still important to watch out for bad actors and to stay on top of local regulations.

What’s more, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the details of a Live Dealer offering until after a gambler has already made his or her deposit and taken their seat at the table.

That’s because casinos know their guests are less likely to walk away after having invested their time up front, even in the face of less-than-ideal gaming conditions.

Have no fear – we’re here to help. Let’s look up close at Las Vegas USA Casino’s Live Dealer Baccarat and see how it stacks up.

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The Provider

the-provider-las-vegas-usa-casino-image2Las Vegas USA Casino first came onto the scene all the way back in 1999, and has established a fairly pristine record in the intervening years.

With licensure in the jurisdiction of Costa Rice, this company has somehow managed to avoid even a whiff of scandal since their founding over two decades ago. In the online gaming sector, that is not always an easy thing! For those who want to learn more, our Sister Site World Casino Directory has an excellent, in-depth exploration of this casino.

To put it mildly, this is not the flashiest online casino out there.

Their website looks as though it hasn’t received much in the way of updates since 1999… and we have heard reports of withdrawals taking as long as two weeks to appear in players’ ban accounts.

With that said, Las Vegas USA Casino seems to be a reliable, even trustworthy provider.

Players who’ve experienced Sun Palace Casino, Slots Plus, and/or Vegas Casino Online may find themselves in familiar territory here…

…that’s because all four are owned and operated by the Main Street Vegas Group.

This consortium seems to run all four of its casinos in the same way, which is good news for those who like consistency in their online gaming.

Perhaps it’s not the sexiest approach to gambling, but it’s hard to put a price on reliability – especially when one’s hard-earned bankroll is concerned!

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The Servicer

The smarter casinos know that great user experience is essential to the success of the Live Dealer experience…

… and act accordingly!

Las Vegas USA definitely falls into this category.

Like many other providers, they rely on some of the very best third-party firms in the business for their Live Dealer offerings. This ensures that that players expert attention in this still somewhat niche element of online gambling.

Specifically, Las Vegas USA uses the venerable firm Real Time Gaming (better-known as RTG) to manage their Live Dealer suite.

(Pro tip: our sister site Latest Casino Bonuses has some great material on that side of their business.)

The result, again not the sexiest offering out there, delivers rock solid Live Dealer Baccarat play. Live Blackjack and Live Roulette are also available.

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The Game

the-game-las-vegas-casino-image3Las Vegas USA offers three betting size options when it comes to Live Table Baccarat:

  • Min $5 – Max $100
  • Min $25 – Max $500
  • Min $50 – Max $1000

While these options are welcome, it would have been nice to see a $1 per hand so that players with more modest bankrolls could also enjoy the tables. We hope to see a lower-limit table added in the future.

As things stand now, this title is best-suited to players with a sizable bankroll.

(Remember to always play within your means: finding a platform that is in step with your betting preferences and bankroll size is a huge part of what makes a casino a good fit for players.)

No matter the bet size, the game played at all tables is the same: Speed Baccarat.

The slower speed of Squeeze Baccarat isn’t available here – this is a fast-paced affair, meant for players of all experience levels to enjoy (especially newcomers).

The specifics of the rules are relatively favorable for players:

  • 8 shuffled decks per shoe
  • The shoe is changed when only 1 deck remains
  • Cards are burned at the beginning of each new shoe, with the value of the first card turned over indicating how many cards are burned.
  • Commission is taken on Banker wins, which pay 0.95:1
  • Ties pay 8:1

In addition to the main hand bet, a variety of side bets are available as well. These include:

  • Big/Small
  • Banker/Player pairs
  • Banker/Player bonus

Of these, the player bonus side bet offers by far the best odds, with a House Edge of only 2.65%.

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The Verdict

the-verdicts-las-vegas-casino-image4At the end of the day, Las Vegas USA’s Live Dealer Baccarat offering is a solid choice for discerning players.

As we’ve noted more than once, this is not the most modern or visually appealing option available. There are elements that feel almost retro from an internet gambling perspective, such as the no-frills lobby.

But online gambling is more than just sexy marketing and smart page design.

This is a casino with a proven track record of above-board behavior and fairly player-friendly rules at the tables.

For newcomers, this may be not set off any fireworks, but seasoned veterans will know that such things shouldn’t be taken for granted! When gamblers can get good odds against the house and trust that the casino will honor their withdrawal requests, good things can happen.

As such we definitely recommend taking these offerings for a trial run!

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